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German Macintosh keyboard missing on Ubuntu 22.04 German

I'm trying to select the german Macintosh keyboard layout on my Ubuntu 22.04 machine, the system language is set to german too but there is no keyboard layout available. There are many other languages ...
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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: Keyboard Layout does not effect some applications

After the upgrading of the Tuxedo Infinity Pro14v4 from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS the German keyboard layout cannot be used in some applications like emacs GUI, Visual Code or IntelliJ. In ...
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I don't have greater and smaller keys

I have a German keyboard and I want to write "<" and ">" to code but my Laptop doesn´t have these keys. The only solution I found was "‹" and "›" but this ...
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Creating a custom keyboard layout with umlauts on alt + ctrl

I'm trying to create a custom keyboard layout to fit my needs, based on the US layout. What I want Alt + Ctrl + u = ü Alt + Ctrl + Shift + u = Ü (same way for ö, ä, and ß) Why? Because getting used ...
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Ubuntu keyboard German Macintosh is not matching the real German Macintosh layout

I have noticed, that the Ubuntu keyboard German Macintosh does not match the real German Macintosh layout in the 3rd and 4th level. Specially the 3rd level - u code is a ¨ as a dead key, allowing ...
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keyboard short cut 'E' and 'O' of terminal emulator 'terminator'

I'm not sure this kind of question is acceptable here. I'm thinking of trying terminator.( The hot key ...
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My keyboard layout changes uncontrollably

I am using Ubuntu 20.10. My system language is Esperanto but I use the German keyboard layout and type Esperanto letters using a "dead" key (circumflex). I don't have an Esperanto keyboard ...
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What programs convert German audio to text (Ubuntu 18.04)?

Is there any tool in Ubuntu 18.04 I can use to convert German audio to text? I searched a lot but all applications use English.
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How to access Keyboard preferences / activate the Compose key / insert german umlauts in Ubuntu 20.04?

I need to be able to write german umlauts in Ubuntu 20.04 with a US keyboard. Found tons of outdated documentation on it, for example this question, which I couldn't apply to Ubuntu 20.04. Keyboard ...
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german umlaute are not displayed in terminal

I have a file 'test.txt' with the following content: ä, ö, ü. When I type cat test.txt �, �, � What is wrong? The system is running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. I checked locales installed german support, ...
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Changing my keyboard settings from unknown back to german on Ubuntu 14.04

I have my keyboard settings unwillingly changed System ubuntu 14.04 lts all my german letters are giving other symbols. The Z and the Y have changed position and all the shift symbols above the ...
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No normal German keyboard layout in (K)ubuntu 16.04 LTS

After the recent LTS upgrade from Kubuntu 14.04 to 16.04, I noticed that I can no longer add the normal German keyboard layout. The only German available is German (Switzerland) with the weird default ...
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