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fortune is a command-line application that provides fortune cookies on demand

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Something along the lines of Wanda the Fish

So, I've been thinking about creating a bash version of a fortune teller on the model of Wanda, but with different figures. I mean: a script that makes you write down your question of the day. The ...
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A problem while operating HYPODD program

I use HypooDD to relocate earthquakes but when I type on the terminal: hypoDD hypoDD.inp this error appears: STOP >>> Increase MAXEVE in statement executed I changed the ...
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"fortune -o" (offensive fortunes) no fortunes found

I downloaded fortunes but I can't get any offensive fortunes. From fortune man page -o Choose only from potentially offensive aphorisms. The -o option is ignored if a fortune directory is ...
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Custom motd in /etc/update-motd.d/20-fortune-cowsay only working partially

I have tried to create a custom motd on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I've found that there is a /etc/update-motd.d directory with a few files. I've seen the pattern of [00-99]-[name]So I've added my own file ...
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fortune: recreate .dat file

man fortune states If a particular set of fortunes is particularly unwanted, there is an easy solution: delete the associated .dat file. This leaves the data intact, should the file ...
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"No fortunes found" error

So, I have installed fortune on my Rackspace server but if I run it without any arguments it says No fortunes found I installed the package as root so there shouldn't be a permissions issue. The ...
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3 answers

How to get more than cows from cowsay

I have recently installed cowsay and am using it to amuse me by piping the output from fortune to it. And although this is great, I understand that you can get more than just cows with cowsay, and I ...
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.bashrc and fortune/cowsay

I'm using Xubuntu 14.04 with XFCE (of course). I just added a line to ~/.bashrc: fortune | cowsay -f tux And everything is fine, when I open a terminal, cowsay runs with a fortune quote. Except one ...
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Formatting a file to use it with fortune in the terminal [duplicate]

I have a big text file with 'Terms' and its 'Definition' separated by spaces(variable). I want to use it in fortune cookie format. Current file format: **term1** this is my definition with ...
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Display part of fortune in different color

I created a custom fortune file for my favourite tweets in the format tweet and then the @username in a new line. An Example is: "You've changed." "Yeah I know, I'm a Transformer." @...
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How can I configure cowsay?

I have installed cowsay and fortune. I want to set my own talks or texts in cowsay. But I can't configure it out. When I open terminal there is nothing from cowsay. I want to show cowsay when I start ...
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2 answers

How to add Wanda (the fish) to the GNOME Shell panel?

How do you add Wanda (the fish) to the GNOME Shell panel, or to the launcher, and have it display fortune? I want my fish back. I already have fortune; I can just type into the terminal fortune and ...
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3 answers

Creating a Fortunes file

How can I create a fortunes file and add it to the fortune* command on the shell? *Fortune - "console command to print a random, hopefully interesting, adage."
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6 answers

Showing a "cowsay" fortune in every new terminal session

I wish to display a cowsay message in every terminal window. The command I use is fortune | cowsay Any ideas how to make it appear whenever I start a new terminal session?
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