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doc,docx are formats that were provided by Microsoft Office word processor and supported by all open source word processors.

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Write/Prepare a word document (.dot) in LibreOffice (or any similar format or program) with a text editor (and then convert it to .docx)

I am mostly using latex with text editor for writing articles, however there are some journals that require manuscript to be written in .docx format. A good conversion from .pdf to .docx is possible ...
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How to add a new file in any directory by right-click add a new ...file (text, doc etc.) easily?

I want to add a new file to any directory by just one or two clicks. There is a way like using the terminal and touch command, but I want it to be easier so that it can be done by anybody. Is there a ...
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Convert PDF to Word/ODF

I would like to convert a pdf to an word or ODF file. If found several programs like Okular, but I don't know how to do that. Edit: It is a text pdf, not an image pdf.
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Not Able To View HTML Using GNOME Yelp

In the GNOME Yelp docs, it says that Yelp supports viewing HTML. But when I run yelp file:///home/myusername/Desktop/test.html, it displays "The URL can't be shown." How can I resolve it? Actually I ...
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Where to get kubectl man pages?

Any suggestion where I can get and install kubectl man pages? Asking Google all the time is getting annoying. I want to be able to see the man page from the command line like: $ man kubectl pods I ...
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How to convert document from Google Docs to text file

How would I capture all the text in a document from Google Docs and convert it to a text file, preferably a way that can be used in a script? Would wget work? such as: wget
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Saving a files in LibreOffice to .pdf

I was looking to save a file from a .docx file to a .pdf file. I believed this worked in LibreOffice but when I tried to save the file as a .pdf, the option wasn't there. Is there a .pdf file save ...
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How to open .doc files containing XML code in LibreOffice?

I have a .doc file that contains XML formatting code. If I open it on Windows with MS Word it perfectly works showing tables, texts and so on. This is how it looks on MS Word: If I open it in ...
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Ubuntu default docx parser

I've just installed Recoll to index my text files. It works like a charm, but what surprised me is that it was able to index docx by default, while asked to install antiword to index doc files. I know ...
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Unable to open .docx files in Windows 10 that have been created in Lubuntu 16.04

This issue occurs when I save a .docx file in an internal NTFS storage drive with Libreoffice 5.1.4 or AbiWord, then boot to Windows 10 on the same computer and attempt to open it in LibreOffice 5.1. ...
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I cannot set as default program libre office instead of wps for docx files only

I cannot set as default program libre office instead of wps for docx files only. I can set libre office as default for doc files though. Why?
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File Manager Type Classification - Document (pdf/docx)

I have a folder with pdf, doc and docx files, I would like to sort them using the default File manager, displaying pdfs and word docs separately. Unfortunately in the 'Type' column, they are all ...
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Is ther any tool in ubuntu to convert pdf to doc

I am looking for a tool or middle-ware which converts PDF to DOC. which should convert exact PDF content (with all image and style.) I have tried abiword. No use. not converting properly. If we can ...
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How to AUTO Open .doc files in Ubuntu FROM WEB

I am trying to open Microsoft.doc files from the Web however I am unable to do this. Here is a scenario of what I am currently experiencing. I go to website where I see .doc file; I click on File; ...
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How to put an image and some text to .doc file via command-line?

I am trying to create a file.doc (Microsoft Word Document format) and write some text into it and also, insert an image into it via command shell. I have no idea what or how should I do it. Any ...
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How to open .doc file using king office writer as default?

I downloaded King's Office .tar.xz file. Extracted it. I am able to run writer and open files by browsing for the .doc file. I am not able to set the default application to king wps(writer) for doc ...
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Search text within multiple pdfs and docs

I got a bunch of notes written by other students, but they are from an old textbook that didn't deal with everything in the same order, so I need to search through the notes for every chapter (each ...
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how to view a doc from command line? [duplicate]

As I mentioned there , how can I view documents( ex: .doc,.docx and all other formats ) from the command line ? Is there any way ? Thank you.
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Opening DocX Files

I am doing some marking that requires me to open .docx file created using Microsoft Office 2007+. OpenOffice doesn't seem to be doing a good job for it, so far, hid all the images in the documents. ...
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