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Get a logical diagram of a python code

I'm working on a big python script that is getting more and more complexe. I would like to generate a diagram (flow-chart?) of my code to have a better understanding of all the conditions and loops ...
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What are alternatives to Miro Software?

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 (kde) and I need a diagram creator software like Miro . I have already found some alternatives like Dia, LibreOffice Draw, Calligra Flow but they are not ...
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Using Libre Office Draw to draw UML class diagrams

I have been using "Dia" to draw UML class diagrams in Linux environments. However, it seems that Dia is not under active development, and its UI is not as good as LibreOffice Draw. Could I also use ...
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Where are Dia diagram shapes located on Linux?

I recently installed this wonderful diagram creation tool Dia, and also downloaded the AWS Diagram icons in SVG format. I tried to locate *.shape (because all of them need to end in *.shape) but ...
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How can I insert a greek letter in Dia diagram software?

I need to insert a greek letter in a diagram. Is it possible to do this and how?
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Gnuplot - change colour within block

I have a file with several blocks of data. Each block consists of several columns. Does anyone know how to plot each column combination within the same block with different colors either automatically ...
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graphviz embed svg image

I am trying to generate a diagram with embedded SVG images. If I run Graphviz with the regular svg command, the images are only referenced: dot -Tsvg -O Here it says to build with -Tsvg:...
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Software Engineering UML modeling Tool For Ubuntu [duplicate]

I need UML modeling tool for Ubuntu such as STARUML. I need to design Sequences, Activity, UseCases for My Projects.
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Anyone can recommend a free and easy-to-use UML diagramming tool for beginners? [closed]

I'm trying to find a tool for creating UML diagrams for my work. Usability is a major criteria for me. I’m just starting out,many things to learn. Free would be great, but I would be glad to pay if ...
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Scientific diagram drawing software

I want to draw mathematical pictures like graphs but just simple ones like a quick sketch of an exponential decay crossing at a point marked A or something like that, and I want to draw a picture of a ...
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Is there an Postgres ERD tool (or pgAdmin III plugin)?

Don't hold it against me, but I have a fond memory of MS SQL Server Management Studio. I could very easily generate an ERD diagram from an existing database. Tables, relationships, the works. You ...
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SQL modeling and design tools?

I would like to know which tool do you use for modeling tables, relationships, etc, generic database modeling, in Ubuntu. It would be good if that tool generate SQL scripts, and a plus with those ...
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Which Open Source Tool can I use to create a website tree diagram using Ubuntu?

Which Open Source Tool can I use to create a website tree diagram using Ubuntu ? I was looking in Dia but it is not that simple. Something like this would be good : Thanks.
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How do I create a state transition diagram?

I am drawing a state transition diagram using LibreOffice draw on Ubuntu 11.04. I am able to get almost everything that I needed except the final state. Typically we use two circles embedded in for ...
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Tool for creating pie charts

I need a tool for creating high quality customizable pie charts, then export them to some graphic format (e.g. png). I need something which allows me to put in some data and which is more ...
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Nice network diagram editor?

Writing a commercial proposal, I want to create a nice graphic showing the clients the architecture I thought of for their IT network, with servers, network connections, firewall, load-balancing, etc. ...
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