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dh_make is a utility that adds additional files to (extracted) source code archives, so building the software also creates deb packages.

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Launchpad librarian fails to install package

I am using launchpad librarian to build packages from my source package. The source package, I have uploaded via dput to my PPA. Launchpad then proceeds to build (which is accomplished) and to install ...
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brz: ERROR: unknown command "dh-make"

I'm trying to build a deb according to the Everything was working 6 months ago. Now when I execute: bzr dh-make hello 2.10 hello-2.10.tar....
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How to make a .deb package to install docker plus other dependencies?

I have a package and I use a shell script to install it on Ubuntu. I want to use a .deb file instead, and this software package has prerequisites including DOTNET and Docker. What are the steps to ...
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copy files instead of compiling when building debian package

The goal I have been trying to make a very simple debian package for two days now. There is a java application called fits. In ~40 lines, it can be packaged for osx.
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debuild error “*** No rule to make target” where target is blank

We are trying to create a deb package, to install and auto-start a couple of monitoring scripts we have. Here is the rules file: #!/usr/bin/make -f %: dh $@ --with=systemd --with=python2 ...
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Why dh_make doesn't provide all options for create skeleton for new package?

I'm using: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS. dh-make package with version 2.201605~xenial1 When I try to start packaging, dh_make propose next options: $ dh_make Type of package: (single, indep, library, python) ...
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How to build custom toolchain in Ubuntu?

We are planning to migrate to Ubuntu 16.0.4LTS as a development distribution. Currently, we are using old Suse distribution. One of the tasks in this migration is to build our custom toolchain on ...
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Build Debian/Ubuntu package based off package control source

The Bitcoin source code contains a debian package control package folder which can be used to make a package. Just wondering what the ...
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What is a '.orig.tar.xz' file in packaging?

I have recently started packaging a bash script of mine into a .deb file so that I can upload it to my PPA, and I have noticed a lot of talk about a file which seems to have been created from my ...
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Packaging bash script with dh-make

I have installed dh-make by installing other packages as recommended by this page which depend on it (I am listing all packages which could have installed it as well because I am not certain which one ...
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Remove private shared libraries from Depends field in control

I'm using command debuild -b to package my application into a .deb. When it goes to run dh_makeshlibs, many shared libraries' names are added in debian/my-package/DEBIAN/shlibs. But some of them are ...
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Creating debian package to install to a path with spaces

I have a Qt application that I want to deploy as a deb package. I have been reading so many sources, all slightly different - most of what I did follows this How To: preparing an application for ...
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make: dh: Command not found

When I try to run the .run file on nautilus the pointer changes into a wheel and does nothing, I did change the permission to make it executable, also at first it only tryed to open it with gedit so I ...
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debian package creation without a configure script

I've been trying to package an in house code project but have been having trouble. I can create a package, but the actual binaries are not installed when I run sudo dpkg -i proj_1.0.0+svn02042014-...
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Specify the target directory in a package

I created a package (with dpkk-build and dh_make) from my own program source and got a deb-binary. So far, so good. No if I'd upload the package to my ppa and installed it from there, the program ...
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Packaging MATLAB (or, more generally, a large binary, proprietary piece of software)

I'm trying to package MATLAB for internal distribution, but this could apply to any piece of software with the same architecture. In fact, I'm packaging multiple releases of MATLAB to be installed ...
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Packaging a CMake project (libRocket) into a .deb, but build script is in a sub folder

I am trying to build a .deb package for libRocket (, but the build script is not in the source root but rather in a subfolder (/Build). See the Github source:
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Set up apt-get remove commands in deb file (dh_make)

So, I'm trying to package my Python app, Virtuam. My question is simple: how can I set the commands which run when I remove the program using apt-get?
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