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Questions tagged [desktop-sharing]

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Desktop Sharing not working Ubuntu 24.04

I have installed Ubuntu 24.04, but now I am having some difficulties trying to connect with Desktop Sharing from Windows Computer. If I try to to activate Desktop Sharing and Remote control, first it ...
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NoMachine remote desktop flickering on Ubuntu 23.10

Good morning everyone! I am trying to share my desktop with Ubuntu 23.10 installed. This machine has two GeForce RTX 2080 and consequently NVIDIA proprietary drivers (I need CUDA API so I cannot use ...
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Sharing display Ubuntu 22.04 with old android tablet

Problem: Sharing display Ubuntu 22.04 with old android (4.2.2) tablet don`t work: Error code: 0x207 (from RD Client tablet side). The same from aRDP Secure RDP Client. What is try to do: Info about ...
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How can I fix Teamviewer sharing when sharer can see your screen but mouse doesn't work?

I am trying to let someone share my screen by using teamviewer. He is able to log on to my machine but he is unable to move the mouse around to actually be able to do anything. Has anyone has this ...
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Mirror / cast / live stream desktop screen to TV over LAN

I'm on Ubuntu 22.04 and looking for a way to live cast / stream / mirror my desktop (only Firefox tabs actually) to my LG TV (WebOS v5.30) over LAN. Note (in case it's useful to give you more ideas to ...
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Ubuntu 22.04 Remote Desktop from Windows

I activate my remote desktop in Ubuntu 22.04 but when I try connect through Windows 10, after ask the password appears Authentication error has occurred appears.
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RDP into Ubuntu 22.04 install via Windows 10 MSTSC works. via MRemoteNG does not

Fresh install of 22.04 updated and then via the Sharing under settings i've enabled Remote Desktop and changed the password to match my logon password. Connecting via Remote Desktop Connection app ...
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Sharing desktops in Ubuntu desktop 22.04

I noticed that compared to 18.04 remote sharing of desktops has changed in 22.04. It has been improved to support connecting from MS Windows to Ubuntu using MS Remote Desktop software. I suppose that ...
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Viewing Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop from Android over WiFi

Given: a desktop with Ubuntu 22.04; a device with Android OS; WiFi network to which the desktop and the device are connected. I need to share Ubuntu screen to Android over WiFi, thus, installed bVNC ...
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How to share a screen in MS Teams or Zoom from Ubuntu 22.04

In both MS Teams (Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit)) and Zoom (Version: 5.10.4 (2845)) on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (42.0, Wayland) no screen shows up after clicking on "share screen". ...
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Desktop sharing Ubuntu 21.04 - same network

How can I share my desktop's monitor to another laptop on the same network? (For watching video stream.) There used to be a thing called "desktop sharing" but it isn't coming up in my ...
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8 character limit in Screen Sharing password

I have Ubuntu 20.04.3, in two computers PC1 and PC2. In PC1 I have $ gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.Vino org.gnome.Vino prompt-enabled false org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false org.gnome....
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unable to connect to ubuntu 21.10 shared desktop

I have two physical machines with ubuntu 21.10 installed, machine 1 screen sharing works perfectly from machine 2 as client and windows machines (it took zero effort!). machine 2 screen sharing is ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 screen sharing -- what do I run on Roku to view it?

If I enable the built-in screen sharing on Ubuntu 20.04 (or any other version with built-in screen sharing), how can I view that share from a Roku device? Do I need to run some app on the Roku? What ...
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2 answers

Laser-like mouse pointer/cursor for (desktop-shared) presentation

I'm wondering whether there is a way to turn the mouse pointer into a laser pointer, preferrably a thick red dot with a fading trail, e.g. for a screen-sharing session with slides in LibreImpress or a ...
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Ubuntu 18.04 screen sharing is off, but I can VNC... weird?

I can connect to Ubuntu 18.04LTS via TigerVNC / vino-server. And when in a VNC session, I open Settings -> Sharing and I see Screen Sharing is Off. Does it make sense? I thought it should be On to ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 - Cannot use slide to enable screen sharing

In Ubuntu 20.04, I cannot turn on screensharing options. Vino is already the newest version (3.22.0-5ubuntu2.2). I don't have 10 reputation to show images, but I can enable changes to settings (grey ...
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How to script enabling screen sharing

I'm trying to find an easy way for a non technical user to allow me (a technical person) to access their screen remotely over the internet. (I'm tunneling via SSH so they don't need to open their vnc ...
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Missing Sharing Settings

Running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS; vino is installed, updated, rebooted. In Settings → Sharing, the Screen Sharing and File Sharing settings are missing from the list and I have no idea why. There is only ...
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8 votes
2 answers

No Screen Sharing option on Ubuntu 20.04

I need to allow screen sharing on my machine. In setteings>sharing there is no option of screen sharing at all. Vino is installed. I have looked in gdm3 and lightdm but it is the same. I have ...
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Cannot screenshare on Ubuntu 18.04 [duplicate]

I don't see any option for sharing the screen as we see in this link. Also, the sharing button automatically switches off if I navigate away from this screen. If I try to share the entire screen from ...
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Skype screen sharing option missing

I'm having a problem with Skype screen sharing. The option is missing. I read similar questions and: vino is installed. I tried enabling screen sharing and activating it to no avail. I tried ...
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Remote access solution for active and inactive sessions [duplicate]

I am running some Kubuntu 18.04 systems. I would like to to install a remote access software on these systems that allows accessing the systems from other Linux systems. Does a free software exist ...
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Why are some of my screen-recording/capturing/sharing applications (or app features) not working in Ubuntu 17.10 (and later releases)?

After upgrading to Ubuntu 17.10 I noticed some of my screencasting applications are not working, for example screencasting tools like SimpleScreenRecorder and vokoscreen. (link) Also I noticed ...
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