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How can I detect PDF policy of ImageMagick

I maintain qr-backup, a program which makes some PDFs. My users are encountering a bug where convert fails on PDFs. Why and how to fix it is explained here. imagemagick - convert not allowed What's a ...
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Creating smaller size file of png file

After conversion, the new file size is even bigger. ?? Why is that? andy@7 ~/Downloads> convert Screenshot_1360x768.png -resize 1024x578! smaller.png andy@7 ~/Downloads> ls -rw-rw-r-- 1 andy ...
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ImageMagick convert on a multiple files

I have 3 files in a directory: aaa.jpg bbb.jpg ccc.jpg I can scale down an image using ImagkMagick convert: convert aaa.jpg -resize 1200x900 aaa-small.jpg I want to do all the images in ...
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Convert PDF to Word Using Libreoffice in terminal

I am using the following libreoffice command to convert my pdf files into word(doc) lowriter --headless --infilter='writer_pdf_import' --convert-to doc:"MS Word 2007 XML" sample.pdf After ...
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ImageMagick:convert-im6.q16: no images defined

According to this question, How can I convert a series of images to a PDF from the command line on linux?, ImageMagick can convert multiple images to a single PDF. How could I reverse the operation ...
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How to encode / convert a complete folder using ffmpeg?

I have 20 music videos in one folder and I want to change the quality from 1080p to 720p with ffmpeg, because I'm tired of having to convert every single file. So I want to ask for a solution how to ...
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how to convert the content of subfolders recursive to pdf format? [duplicate]

i have a folder with tons of subfolders containing png's. how can i step recursively through the subfolders and convert that files to pdf? The pdf should have the name of the subfolder and be saved ...
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How to mirror image files via command line?

What I want to do is very simple. I've a file.png, which I want to mirror, i.e. the result should be a "reflection" of the original image. I know big tools like GIMP and InkScape can do that, but I'm ...
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How do I prevent imagemagick's convert comand from scaling an image?

I'm trying to make sprite sheets out of animated gifs. The sprites are for my GPS, and each frame needs to be exactly 80x80 pixels. I used this command: convert -resize 80x80 input.gif g.png ...
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Fix animated GIF images which eog can't open, but Firefox and ImageMagick can

I received a collection of animated GIF images from a friend, but I am unable to open some of them them with the standard image viewer eog. The error messages showing up when trying to open them ...
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Scale down image such that it fills a square of 100x100

I want to create thumbnails for all images of a folder. I also want the images to fit in a square of 100x100 pixels. So after scaling the images down, while the smaller side needs to be 100 pixels, ...
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ImageMagick "convert" command cannot use fonts!

convert -size 300x50 xc:none -font Arial -pointsize 20 -gravity center -draw "fill white text 1,1 \"$1\" text 0,0 \"$1\" fill black text -1,-1 \"$1\"" $WATERMARK_FILE Above command results following ...
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What is the complete command to be type in the command prompt to add the execute permission? [duplicate]

Help! I just need to know the complete command. To add the execute permission. Please.
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text editing using tr command

On using the command: tr -s '\n' ' '< test1 where test1 is a text file. If test1 is written in a manner such that it contains newlines (linefeed characters) and not \n (backslash-n) then the ...
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Thunar - Custom actions: select pdf extract pages as images

I like this command to convert pdf pages to png images: pdftoppm -png *.pdf prefix (my source is this answer) I would like to add a command to Thunar custom actions that would convert the selected ...
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How to do I convert an webm (video) to a (animated) gif on the command line?

I suppose ffmpeg is the weapon of choice but I didn't find out how to reach my goal.
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JPG batch compression & rename (find -exec, xargs, piping?)

this is my first post so I hope you'll be kind enough to forgive me if I make some formatting mistakes or else. This is one question I've had for quite some time and while looking for answers I have ...
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How to batch convert an image to a PDF?

I want to batch convert images (jpg, png, etc.) to PDF. Converting them directly to PDF is easy with: convert in.jpg out.pdf However I need some more options, such as setting the output page size, ...
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