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The CMYK color model (process color, four color) is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself.

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Ubuntu graphic designers: Why the strokes look pixelated when I print on paper using Gimp?

When I print on A3 or A4 paper looks pixelated, the same for the text manipulation. I use to save designs to .pdf or .tiff and then I open them on Illustrator and modify things, but I don´t want to do ...
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GIMP Separate RGB -> CMYK plugin - how to get output color profile

I use newest Ubuntu and newest GIMP, i have the plugin Separate installed. I try to convert image to CMYK. In a dialog in a drop-down list I have 16 RBG profiles to choose input profile, but none for ...
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Is there a way to make cmyk thumbnail, images, look good in ubuntu

Is there a way to make CMYK thumbnails, images, look good in Ubuntu. Some applications like Krita and Scribus show correct colour on screen. I know they support CMYK profiles. But I wanted to know ...
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How to install separate+ gimp-plugin for cmyk support?

In order to open CMYK photoshop files, I want to install the separate+ plugin for gimp. Since for building separate+ from sources it is required editing the makefile by hand(?), I was hoping for an ...
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How to print PDF documents with a CMYK color profile from LibreOffice?

I would like to print to PDF documents from LibreOffice Writer but with CMYK color profiles. How can I achieve this?
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Why doesn't GIMP support CMYK?

Why does GIMP not support CMYK? This is a feature that I really need as a user and I don't know why it is not supported in GIMP by default. Is there possibly a way of which I could add support for ...
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Opening up a CMYK PSD file in GImp (2.8) [duplicate]

I am running Gimp 2.8 and tried to open up a CMYK psd file and got this error: Opening 'homepage.psd' failed: Procedure 'file-psd-load' returned no return values Am I missing a plugin? Is there a ...
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How to convert image to CMYK in GIMP?

I am supposed to send some artwork to the printers tomorrow and their guidelines requires it to be CMYK. I have installed the plugin Separate+ from the 'gimp-plugin-registy' package. I have also ...
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