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Ho do I enable the Bash Pop Up Window?

I want to run a .sh file in the Terminal. Apparently there is a pop up for that: I don't get that pop up when right clicking the .sh file and the way shown here doesn't work: If I right click "...
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Ubuntu 20.04 starts drag&drop too soon

Is there a way to increase the delay (the time the left mouse button must be pressed before starting drag&drop) distinguishing between a click and drag&drop? I often click on something, but ...
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How to stop single clicks or ctrl+click from opening two tabs

For a few weeks now my Ubuntu install 18.04 routinely opens two tabs instead of one when I perform a single slick or a Ctrl+Click. I have tried adjusted the mouse speed in Devices > Mouse & ...
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Change behavior of middle mouse button in Ubuntu 20.04

I have the same problem that was asked in 2018 about Ubuntu 16.04. I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and I want to check if there is anything new to know about. My laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15IIL05. It ...
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Double clicking delay too short on 20.04

I'm new to Ubuntu and on installing focal fossa 20.04, my double-clicking is not working, and I have not been able to double-click easily into a file, I have to right-click enter into a file.
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Minimizing all windows by clicking on a random part of the desktop

I'd like to know if there is a way to minimize all windows by clicking on a random part of the desktop (if the desktop is not completely hidden by the windows).
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How do you make conky appear behind the folders on the desktop?

I have been trying so hard to find a way to make conky appear behind all the other windows and folders on my desktop, and as far as I have been able to find no one has found an answer up to this point....
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How to get the non-file rightclick menu when files is in list view?

When Gnome Files (nautilus) is in list view I sometimes still want to open the right-click menu that otherwise appears when you right-click into the empty space of a folder. (The one that lets you ...
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Touchpad right click doesn't work in the new version 18.04.1

since i upgraded my version to Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS, the right click doesn't work. (i have Lenovo Yoga 500-15ISK) any help will be appreciated.
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Can't select text on double or triple click

I have a fresh Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS directly upgraded to 17.10 and I have an annoying behavior: when double clicking on text to select a word or triple clicking to select a paragraph, it doesn't select ...
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I upgraded from 17.04 to 17.10 on a Lenovo T540p which has broken two finger touchpad scrolling and right clicking

Trackpad two finger scrolling and right-click issue with Ubuntu 17.10 (i386, 64bit, GNOME 3.26.1) on a Lenovo T540p (the model with a Intel Core i5-4210M Haswell CPU etc)
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Disable 'Mechanical click' right-click synaptic clickpad

I'm having a hard time finding the answer to this, I think partially because I'm not sure what the correct term for 'Mechanical click' is. I'm referring to pressing on the clickpad until the actual ...
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Mouse clicMouse click drags and only releases with a click of the left button (Intermittent)

So every couple days or so my external usb wireless mouse decides to start dragging things around. The only symptom is click and hold of the left mouse button. Motion works find as does using that ...
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Really disable touchpad over the button region

I just installed ubuntu 16.04 as a dual boot with (pre-installed) Windows (just in case I need it twice a year...) on my new HP Spectre x360 13-ac004nf. Under Windows, the touchpad works fine and ...
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unresponsive right click result box overlays everything

Every now and then my system runs into following issue When I right click on an item to select one of the options, the resultant box becomes unresponsive and just stays there, it overlays everything ...
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Two finger scrolling and two finger pointer moving if 1 finger is in lower 20%

My problem is that my touchpad is actually a click pad (HP Envy 14 Beats) and lower 20% of it are split into right and left buttons. On Windows before I used to have it like that: If I start my 2 ...
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Tap to click - short mouse movements registering as a click

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04, on a Lenovo y410p Ideapad, and I'm having an issue where my mouse movements are registering as a tap even when I've actually moved my cursor. For instance, maybe I have the cursor ...
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14.04 - cannot click inside windows

I have Asus k53sv, Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 were working without problems. Now I upgraded to 14.04. Upper panel works, so I can connect into WiFi or shutdown machine. I can also launch application from ...
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Mouse text selection to paste buffer using middle click

Background I have a Logitech Marble Mouse Trackball, with its scrolling ability configured as follows: #!/bin/bash dev="Logitech USB Trackball" we="Evdev Wheel Emulation" xinput set-int-prop "$dev" ...
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Focus follows mouse stops working when opening window from launcher and no click to focus

This is 12.04 default desktop (unity). I set it to focus follows mouse, and changed the menus to be on the window. This worked for a while, then some unknown even, maybe an upgrade maybe some other ...
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Double-click instead of single-click in Ubuntu 12.04

When I do a single click, my computer (with Ubuntu 12.04) acts like it was double click. I think it happens in ~50% of cases. It happens with all the program I use: browsers, file manager, terminal ...
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Is it possible to minimize by mouse click? [duplicate]

Is it possible to minimize or close any application or browser by mouse click. If I click any icon on launcher then the application opens but if I click on the same icon then it does not get close or ...
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Make long click act like a right click?

Just got my netbook edition of Ubuntu working with my tablets touch screen about 3 seconds ago... but straight away, I've noticed something - is it possible to make the right click menu show up when I ...
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