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Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality.

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MySQL error while create databaseon mariadb

Trying new adventures, been set up cacti on my VirtualBox Machine, sticking to vary instructions, exploring my problem I stuck in, but can't go further. I'm doing alright till I'm creating database on ...
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Install package without some dependencies

We want to install a package, here cacti, without pulling some dependencies, here the MySQL Server. It is possible to do it using, apt, apt-get (or aptitude) ? We already have a remote MySQL server ...
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What are the default login credentials on fresh install of cacti on ubuntu 18.04?

What I did: Installed Ubuntu server 18.04 in a VM inside ESXi. Enabled the Multiverse repo. Ran apt update && apt upgrade && apt install cacti. Visited http://[ip of vm]/cacti. Tried ...
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Moving existing cacti to apache2 root folder

I have a running cacti installation on /var/www/html/cacti where is cacti installs by default on ubuntu 14.04lts. I would like to move cacti to apache's root folder at /var/www/html/ without ...
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I need a good network monitoring tool

I need to get some good network monitoring tools. I am trying to find out why my office network is so congested/slow, and I need something that will allow me to look at all the machines in the ...
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How do I install Cacti?

I'd like to use Cacti, but I'm not entirely sure how to install it. I have a 10.04 Server that I'm installing this on.
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How do I install Cacti 8.7i with PIA 3.1(Plug In Architecture) for 12.04 Server LTS?

I am planning to upgrade my current 9.04 server version to 12.04LTS server. I've successfully backup and restore my Cacti version 8.7d to 8.7i that comes with the distribution. However, the plugin ...
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