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A Beowulf Cluster is a collection of privately networked computers which can be used for parallel computations. It provides an up-to date example of assembled hardware and installed programs.

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Is there a version of OSCAR available for Ubuntu 16.04?

I'm planning on creating my first Beowulf cluster computer, both my PCs are running standard Ubuntu 16.04, I have heard that you can create clusters using OSCAR, but on their website they only say ...
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How to define the path to MPICH for SSH?

I have diploma thesis and follow steps from this manual: Building a Beowulf Cluster in just 13 steps. I have a problem with step 11: Now we'll define the path to MPICH for SSH. Run the following ...
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What can a Beowulf cluster help process?

So, my school has hundreds of old computers and a few gigabit switches. Coordinating with the head of district for my school, I've been granted permission to make a Beowulf cluster, using one, two or ...
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Beowulf cluster hard disk problem

I built a Beowulf cluster using the message passing interface (MPI). When I send a message that contains the path for a specific file in the slave node, the slave can't access its local hard disk to ...
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Is a Beowulf cluster a solution for me?

Background I'm an undergrad working on an scientific experiment. Till now I was pilot testing our one of the program on Ubuntu 12.04 and now I need to deploy it. The PC on which I tested the program ...
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Cluster Beowulf for Blender

How can I configure properly in Ubuntu 14.04 server and load a Beowulf Cluster process Blender 3D for distribution across multiple nodes? I've looked everywhere and in all languages ​​but only get ...
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MAAS Cluster without juju and Openstack

I couldn't find proper documentation about MAAS installation but finally I made my own MAAS server and 1 node and it is working now. My idea about MAAS was that nodes share their computing power with ...
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Managed vs. Unmanaged switch for Beowulf cluster

I am setting up a very small Beowulf cluster with one master node (my Lenovo laptop) and two server nodes (Dell Optiplex 760s), all currently with Ubuntu 14.04. Can I get away with using an unmanaged ...
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Using multiple cheap server to scale my website needs, which technology? [closed]

I have developed a website that is running on MySql/Php/Apache and it is performing quite well. But with more users uploading their stuff the space available on my server is reducing and eventually I ...
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How to make a Beowulf Cluster with Ubuntu 12.10?

I have a few PCs just laying around and want to put them to work. While in my research, i came across Parallel computing and a few forms of it. The one that appealed to me was the Beowulf Cluster. ...