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Questions tagged [atime]

The atime--access time--is the time when the data of a file was last accessed. Displaying the contents of a file or executing a shell script will update a file's atime, for example. You can view the atime with the ls -lu command.

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11 votes
1 answer

Where is noatime safe to use?

I am trying to optimize my new fs layout, and I wondered, where is it safe to use noatime? I understand that e.g. mutt uses the access/creation/modify time, and whatever else may be using that, in ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Strange atime changes in home-folder

I recently recognized some strange behavior of my system and my atime-records of my /home files. I tried to code a simple script to check whether some files in the /Downloads folder are untouched for ...
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5 votes
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Why does not the atime option of mount always update atime of files as expected?

I needed to detect read access to certain files so I needed the file system to update the atime attribute of files the usual way. Default mount options In the default state the file system did not ...
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