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Loop through file extension Annotate add EXIF Rename and Copy

This script, reads user input from an entry like filename.jpg it creates a directory inside the current directory. Then renames the file and adds the files EXIF data it then copies the original file ...
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Why are some annotations semi transparent, while others are not

When viewing pdfs using Evince, I have noticed that some Annotations (see picture) are transparent (left one), while others are not (right one). Why is that? Is there a settings to tweak to remove ...
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A true cross-platform handwriting app

MS OneNote is nice, but its snap counterpart on Ubuntu is kind of meh. Xournal++ is awesome and has now a mobile version. Except, so far it's just beta and drawing gets jerky after a couple of lines ...
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Annotating certain pages of a pdf in xournal++ (xournalpp)

I'm in the process of type-setting notes for my class this coming semester, and I'd like to annotate these notes using xournal++ (xournalpp). I'll be writing these notes throughout the semester and ...
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How to view annotated powerpoint presentations in Ubuntu?

I have some .pptx presentation files, which were annotated with a stylus in an online class. These annotations do not show up in LibreOffice Impress in Xubuntu 20.04 (I am using the ...
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How to save PDF annotations in a separate file?

I aim to annotate PDFs with the annotations stored separately. Okular used to do this.. but sadly no longer. Are there any alternatives, either one that stores annotations separately, or a way to ...
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Evince show annotation text in preview instead of page, author and date

I am using evince for viewing PDFs and I use highlight and note annotations quite a bit. My evince version is GNOME Document Viewer 3.36.0. As shown in the image below, the annotations are previewed ...
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How to export annotations from qpdfview?

I have a pdf with annotations created from qpdfview but it seems that the annotations don't show up in other pdf editors. I tried other pdf editors both in linux and MacOS but nothing. qpdfview doesn'...
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How to quickly anonymize all annotations in evince?

In Evince, I know that I can do right-click on the annotation -> Annotation Properties... and clear the author in the properties window. However, doing this for each annotation is overkill. Is there ...
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Merge two files depending on multiple matching columns

Im trying to join two files depending on multiple matching columns. I want to compare columns 1,2,4,5 from file 1 with columns 1,2,4,5 from file 2 and then merge matching lines in file 3 with column 3 ...
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Screen annotations for Ubuntu 18.04, for changing backgrounds and possible to draw circles and write text

I know the detailed answer of this question. But I tried compiz composite manager and it didn't work. I had no possibility to get ardesia running with installing with the source because there's no ...
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Going through annotations in Okular

I use Okular to read and annotate PDF textbooks. I use mostly highlighting alone but I sometimes add a pop-up note attached to highlighted text. When I want to read some material again, I like to just ...
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How do I edit PDF annotations made by macOS Preview?

In macOS High Sierra's Preview I drew a rectangle on a PDF. In Lubuntu 18.04's Document Viewer, I see only the ability to add text or highlight, but the rectangle appears inaccessible as if background ...
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Keyboard shortcuts for evince annotation?

I would like to make c a shortcut for inserting a comment and h a shortcut for highlighting. Other keyboard shortcuts could do, e.g., if modifier keys are required. Pressing one of these keys would be ...
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How to save/overwrite an annotated file with Evince?

I am using the pre-installed Document Viewer (Evince) to annotate pdf-files. There does not seem to be a "Save" option and under "Save a Copy" I need to click through the folder to find the pdf ...
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onscreen annotation software for Ubuntu 16.04 with i3wm?

I want to do screen annotation for recording a video lecture. That is to draw shapes and markings on top of other programs while recording. I've been searching the whole day but not found a working ...
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Program to make text annotations in PDF files that are always visible?

I'm looking for a program with which I can annotate PDF files with text such that this text is always directly visible. Okular works fine for underlining, highlighting, etc. But when using Okular to ...
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Document viewer doesn't have add annotation enable for pdf

I have a vmware setup with Xubuntu and I have found myself not going back to OSX. Now I'm trying to learn a bit more about the ecosystem and how to set things that accommodate my needs. In my working ...
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Copying Okular notes form Windows to Ubuntu

I have many PDF-files with Okular-notes on them in Windows. Now I would like to copy them into my Linux system. Okular-notes are not saved within the PDF-files. In Linux annotations are located in ~/....
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xournal-like software on bq aquaris m10?

Has anyone been able to use xournal-like annotator on bq aquaris m10? I just got one and this would be one of the principal reasons I'll use a tablet for--to annotate pdf documents.
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Auto-Saving in Okular - is it possible?

Is there a way of auto-saving annotations and highlights in Okular 0.19.3? Every time I make a change, I got to Ctrl+Shift+S to save it, and sometimes I forget it, I close the window and the software ...
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what software has been used to write annotations on this pdf? [duplicate]

Here it is the screenshot, clicking on the ballot there appears the annotation. I already tried okular but I'm not able to reach the same result (actually to save annotation I have to export the pdf ...
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How to black out a region of one virtual desktop?

I am looking for a command-line solution to cover a configurable section of a virtual desktop with a rectangle of configurable color, to hide the content below. One should still be able to use a ...
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Stay in Annotation mode in Okular?

I am trying to markup a PDF that I have in Okular. I would like to make a lot of notes with my Bamboo tablet, but every time I lift the pen, I go back to the default mode. This obviously defeats the ...
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Annotating PDFs in Evince and then viewing the output in Acrobat / Adobe products

As I don't use Windows whatsoever and have been a big fan of Evince for some time, I was really happy to learn that Evince now supports the addition of annotations (even if it doesn't support the ...
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I have the 0.19.0 okular version, but it still doesn't let me save annotations in a pdf

I have trouble saving annotations and highlighting I made in okular as a pdf. I have the latest okular version: Qt: 4.8.2 KDE: 4.13.0 Okular: 0.19.0 and use ubuntu 12.04 (precise). I've tried the ...
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Cannot find Highlight tool in Adobe Reader or Okular [closed]

I use Elementary OS Luna 64 bit. I'm trying to get the PDF annotating tools for highlighting text on PDF documents. I tried Adobe Reader and Okular. But both haven't that feature on my PC. But when I ...
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Add tags or annotations to text files

I have a lot of similar text files - data in csv format etc. - that differ only in minor aspects (data normalized or not normalized...). It is very difficult to find meaningful names for the different ...
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add a scanned handwritten signature to an annotated PDF

How can I edit a PDF and also add my handwritten signature image which I have available as .gif, .jpg, or .xcf. I tried flpsed which is good for annotating PDF files but it does not seem to allow the ...
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PDF Editor that Can Save Annotation and Comments for Other Platforms and Viewers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I highlight PDFs? I am using Ubuntu 12.04. I collaborate with others on academic papers and they frequently send PDF versions of the document we are working on with ...
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How to Install Okular 0.15 on 12.04 LTS?

See here for reference: The new version includes an option to save annotations to the PDF file itself. That's why I am very eager to try out. Is there any PPA from ...
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PDF reader with Highlighting support and save the file [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I highlight PDFs? I am missing the feature of Highlighting the PDF file directly from reader and saving the changes in the file. This is a feature of Adobe Acrobat ...
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How can I annotate PDFs so notes are compatible with Adobe Reader for Win/OSX?

I am looking for a tool which allows me to annotate PDFs in Ubuntu and share the PDFs with annotations with people who use OSX or Windows. I cannot assume that the others can or will install special ...
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PDF viewer with "gmail-sendable annotation" and "color inversion"?

Is there a free pdf viewer with the following properties? -It can annotate. -Annotation will be preserved when the document is sent by gmail. -Color inversion (Evince has it) or color setting.
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How do I create highlights on a screenshot?

In Chipaca's answer to Managing files and sync scenarios there's a screenshot with certain highlights. The highlights are the following: A row of a GUI list is highlighted by the other parts of the ...
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How can I highlight paragraphs in emails and add private notes to them?

I would like to highlight parts of emails, without having to print them out and use a highlighter pen. I also want to add notes. I ideally want to see the highlights appear when I view an email a ...
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Video editor with bubble annotations

I use the annotations feature of YouTube a lot, but I want to get away from flash and start hosting my videos using html5. So I need to create those bubbles and embed them in the video using an editor....
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How can I highlight or annotate PDFs?

Currently I need to highlight certain sections in PDFs, or add annotations (comments/notes). These modifications would need to be saved. What tools are out there to do this on Ubuntu?
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