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Is it possible to download Ubuntu on my android device and then install it on my computer using a USB cabel? [duplicate]

Could you tell me if it is somehow possible to download Ubuntu on my android device and then install it on my old desktop computer, which is operated by Windows XP and has no Wi-Fi driver or internet ...
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Installing Ubuntu onto laptop with no os via USB [duplicate]

My current laptop has no os installed and I would like to install Ubuntu onto it by tranferring a file/files from my android tablet and booting the setup off of the USB. Any help please?
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How do I install Ubuntu on my laptop with corrupted windows 11 [duplicate]

I have a two year old Asus FX570ud and recent the Windows 11 on it corrupted and now I can only boot it in safe mode. (Error code 0xc000001 I want to switch to Ubuntu and I only have my phone (which I ...
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How to create a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive from terminal?

Is there any way to create a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive from the terminal without using any third-party applications like YUMI, Unetbootin, Startup Disk Creator, etc. I tried to create a ...
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Can I install ubuntu 20.10 or 20.04LTS on dual boot with windows 10 without USB Drive?

I have a HP PC with 4GB RAM, CPU dual core by AMD, 1TB HDD and want to install ubuntu in my PC with dual boot but can I install it without USB Drive and also please tell that which version of 20.10 ...
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Can we use EtchDroid to create Ubuntu installation media?

Let's say that I don't have any PC working in my home right now and I cannot borrow someone else's PC as well. I only have an Android smartphone (which is not rooted), pendrive and micro USB to USB-A ...
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Accidentally deleted a partition, now I am finding just the grub rescue window. What should I do?

I accidentally deleted a partition that probably was the one with the os I was using. Now it shows this. How can I regain access to my Computer? I did a dual boot of Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with WIndows 10....
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Is extracting a ISO file to USB the same method as creating a bootable USB? [closed]

I'm trying to create a bootable Ubuntu USB, so that I can boot Ubuntu on my PC. But since I have no other PC left, I'm stuck with just one option. To extract the ISO file directly to the USB using my ...
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How to install ubuntu from phone?

I haven't got any OS on my system and I want to install ubuntu so I installed ubuntu 21.04 iso on my phone and I extracted it and I send it to a USB stick with a otg cable . But after inserting USB ...
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How to install using my internal hard drive?

I want to switch from windows to linux cause I heard its good for programming, But I dont have an external hard drive or usb I can use and cant use a disc cause no disc drive, Is there a way to ...
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How can I install Ubuntu on a new computer without any OS and without a cd drive? [duplicate]

I bought a new computer and I want to install Ubuntu on it. The computer doesn't have a CD drive or OS. I want Ubuntu to be the only OS on the computer. So how can I install Ubuntu on a brand new ...
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Install Ubuntu without a USB flash drive or CD

I currently use Zorin OS and I want to switch to Ubuntu. If I try UNetbootin for Linux, it doesn't show any boot entry to install Ubuntu and I can't purchase a USB flash drive right now. How can I ...
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How do I dual boot install Ubuntu without a USB drive or CD/DVD?

I have a UEFI device with no USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Very much new to ubuntu so unsure what to do. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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PC boot problem

I installed the latest version available on the Ubuntu website. I used my cell phone to do this. Then I took the ISO and put it on a USB stick, I used an app to make the flash drive boot. After that I ...
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How would I make a Raspberry Pi pretend to be a flash drive

So say I have a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu on it. And if I were to plug it in via USB A to USB A cable to another computer. Or if it were attached via GPIO with a USB end and plug it into another ...
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