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I would like to know how to upgrade from my current version of Ubuntu to the next stable from the Command line interface?
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Can I keep using Ubuntu 9.04 if it's outdated? [duplicate]

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How to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04? [duplicate]

I want to upgrade from ubuntu 10.10 to ubuntu 11.04.
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Updating ubuntu server apt-get gives me - 404 Not Found [duplicate]

I'm trying to update a Ubuntu server and when I run apt-get update I get a number of errors like the examples below (note I added some space after http). Err http :// natty/main ...
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Upgrade to 22.04 (impish Release no longer has a Release file) [duplicate]

I am trying to $ sudo apt update but I get this: Reading package lists... Done E:...
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Installing ubuntu 16.04 without losing data [duplicate]

Currently , I am running ubuntu 15.10 on my Dell laptop (ram-4GB) . I want to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my laptop as ubuntu 15.10 is no more supported. I don't want to lose my data while changing os ...
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What to do when can't update anymore with apt-get? [duplicate]

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 as multipurpose server, so no GUI here. I haven't used it for a while and now when trying to install or update packages with apt-get it throws errors. An excerpt of the error ...
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Ubuntu 13.04 all apt-get mirrors down [duplicate]

Apparently I can't get apt-get, as well as the ubuntu software centre, connect to any repository. I also tried to look for a suitable mirror using the ubuntu software centre (software sources->ubuntu ...
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Failed to fetch repositories [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to install software or upgrade from old unsupported release? How can I fix a 404 Error using the Ubuntu archives? I am having trouble downloading the Ubuntu repositories:...
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How can one upgrade Ubuntu 19.04 to 20.04? [duplicate]

With the new release of 20.04 LTS. How can I upgrade my 19.04 to this newest version? Or do I have to upgrade to 19.10 first?
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How do I download old unsupported packages such as Kernel headers? [duplicate]

I am using the now unsupported Jaunty. However, I'm also running an older unsupported kernel which I wish to programme. i'm trying to make new system calls in kernel 2.6.21 and one of the new system ...
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Not able to install software on Ubuntu 12.10 [duplicate]

I am newbie with Ubuntu.I am trying to download Okular pdf reader from Software Center but I am getting some error. At first it was asking for installation of packages from not authenticated source,...
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In Ubuntu 13.04, cannot install libssl-dev [duplicate]

How can I get around the dependency problem when installing libssl-dev? The problem: $ sudo apt-get install libssl-dev Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state ...
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How to upgrade from Ubuntu-12.04 LTS to the latest Ubuntu version [duplicate]

How to upgrade from Ubuntu-12.04 LTS to the latest stable Ubuntu version, could someone please help me with the procedure, can I find a KB article somewhere. ? Thank you in advance.
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Where can I find a repository for older unsupported releases? [duplicate]

I remember I saw a apt mirror somewhere containing older distributions but I cannot find it anymore. Does anybody know where to find it?
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