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Universe and multiverse software sites for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I enable the “multiverse” repository? How do I reach the sites of Universe and Multiverse softwares for Ubuntu Free software?
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VirtualBox on 20.10 [duplicate]

Does apt on 20.10 have a virtualbox package? I see that apt install virtualbox virtualbox-dkms has worked on previous releases but on 20.10 apt install virtualbox Reading package lists... Done ...
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Where are the x86_64 packages? [duplicate]

I have a x86_64 system. 3.13.0-36-generic #63-Ubuntu SMP x86_64 GNU/Linux. I'm trying to find packages for netperf. apt-get install doesn't find it. I see the package is available here, but not for ...
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On 18.04, package "virtualbox-guest-utils" does not exist [duplicate]

In the past, I've managed to get the virtual box shared folder via the command on trusty and xenial boxes. $ sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-utils But now on the bionic version - the packages ...
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How to install flash on Ubuntu 18.04 [duplicate]

I am trying to install a flash player in Ubuntu. I followed the below link: I enabled Enable Canonical Repository Update ...
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Can't download software's from Ubuntu Software center ( 14.04 LTS ) [duplicate]

When I tried to install software's (say Play on Linux / Eclipse), The software center says that Available from multiverse source and there is only a button Use this Source. At the same time I can ...
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How do you run Ubuntu Server with a GUI?

Trying to run a Ubuntu server for the first time... But everything is in a terminal. Is there a way to switch to a GUI?
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How to install Flash player on Ubuntu?

Even though I have the latest Adobe Flash player 11.2 for Linux in Firefox - ref: Flash player security doubts - a particular online flash game still requests that I update to the latest flash player....
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How can I play encrypted DVD movies?

My machine can't play encrypted DVDs on a fresh install. How do I add this capability? Another useful bit of information would be what programs are best for playing DVDs, once I'm able to do so. ...
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Installing and testing CUDA in Ubuntu 14.04

I am uncertain about how to install CUDA in my system. looking around there are many tutorials about cuda on 12.04 LTS and a few on 13.04 and 13.10, but they all talk about acquiring a deb package ...
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How to install vmware tools?

I installed my Ubuntu in vmware, no I need install vmware tools, I got error: Searching for a valid kernel header path... The path "" is not valid. Would you like to change it?[yes] In ...
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My WiFi adapter is not working at all, how to troubleshoot?

On this site I see hundreds if not a thousand questions being asked about issues with a Wireless LAN adapter not being detected/recognized by Ubuntu. Some mainstream adapters appear to be utterly ...
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VirtualBox fails to start machine after installing extensions

I just added extension pack and my Windows machines won't start. This is the error I get: Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Windoze 7. The device helper structure version has ...
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How to install Broadcom wireless drivers offline?

I have installed Ubuntu alongside Windows 8.1. But the wifi is not working in Ubuntu (perhaps the drivers are not present), which worked fine in windows. Also I cant connect with Ethernet since my ...
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My video (.mkv) thumbnails are green (or monochromatic)?

When I installed Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 thumbnails for .mkv were not showing up at all, Then it automatically got fixed, now it's generating the Thumbnails but as weird as it may sound, they're all green (...
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