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Distro that I can load into RAM? [duplicate]

Is there a modified version of Ubuntu that I can choose to load to RAM on start up? Kinda like the LiveCD, but that can be easily modified (ie: I can install stuff) when I choose to boot from disk. ...
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How to burn cd from live cd? [duplicate]

I did this once, but I can't find instructions how to do that again. It was probably kernel option that make live cd save in ram. I have old Xubuntu but want to install nested version of Xubuntu, I'...
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I wanna run Ubuntu on a USB like Tails OS but without the TOR Network [duplicate]

I installed tails on a USB and everything was great but when I tried to browse the web, I get it is anonymous but it makes it slower than normal to load websites or videos online. The point is I want ...
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Run 16.04.1 media from RAM [duplicate]

I've downloaded the latest ISO for Ubuntu 16.04.1 (ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso) and made a bootable thumbdrive. Is there any way I can run the media from RAM? I was hoping for something similar ...
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Can Ubuntu be installed to the pendrive it was booted from?

A person has a computer with no HDD but 16GB RAM and USB3 port. Also has 16GB USB3 pendrive with Ubuntu Live on it, (Non persistent). The computer is then started with the pendrive using toram. The ...
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How can I create a linux os in ram from a USB without booting it?

How can I create a linux os in ram, so it does not have to booted from the PC? I can install linux os in a USB stick, but there is no program to run it from within windows, but I can do this from a CD?...
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Can I boot a Live USB *with persistence* fully to RAM, allowing me to remove the disk?

I've learned from this post that it is possible to boot a live usb without persistence entirely into ram. This is done by adding the toram boot parameter as explained in that post. If we instead have ...
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Customize Ubuntu ISO file to boot automatically from RAM

In Ubuntu, one can boot a live USB fully to ram using toram option. adding toram option However this procedure is GUI based. Is there anyway to just write down the toram option to the ISO file so that ...
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Does non-persistent LiveUSB run entirely off RAM, or does it still need read/write cycles?

If I use a LiveUSB, non persistent mode, with the -toram command added to the boot options, will the USB's lifespan be reduced significantly? As far as I understand, LiveUSB runs entirely off the RAM, ...
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How to install Ubuntu from a Windows system using only an external SSD?

First I want to say I am an absolute beginner to this and though I've tried to do some research about it, I wasn't able to take away anything useful. I want to install Ubuntu onto my Samsung t7 500gb ...
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Mount snaps to RAM

I need this for my Raspberry PI Ubuntu Core installation. I want to be able to remove SD card after system boot. Now, if I remove it, all squashfs mounts disappear and system stops working properly. ...
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Trying to create a custom RAM-backed Ubuntu Live USB with optional persistence

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the best way to do this. It might sound a bit confusing, so let me explain the "why" first. I already have a Linux live USB stick (on a high-...
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Ubuntu Minimal Install mounts internal HD as sdb

I am trying to setup 13.04 on a new internal SSD on an Intel NUC i3 from a USB Stick. For some reason during the install it mounts the SSD as sdb and installs on it but writes the MBR to the USB ...
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How can I boot an Ubuntu DVD, and use the DVD drive while the system is running?

I would like to boot the Ubuntu system from the installation DVD, and then make the system, after it started, run no longer from the DVD. It should continue to run using a hard disk or a ram drive, ...
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restoring files with only 2 USB ports machine

I want to recover my Files from a 1TB Hard Disk with HFS+ File System. I can't recover my files using mac version commercial tools and I can't see the lost files using macOS. I have a macBook Air ...
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