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How do I move (copy) my entire Ubuntu system to a different hard disk?

The HDD I have my Ubuntu installed is about to fail. I would rather not lose 3 years worth of data, customisation and apps. I am looking for a way to move the complete system (SWAP included, because I'...
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How to upgrade my HDD and keep my ubuntu 11.10 instalation [duplicate]

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How do you monitor the progress of dd?

dd is a wonder. It lets you duplicate a hard drive to another, completely zero a hard drive, etc. But once you launch a dd command, there's nothing to tell you of its progress. It just sits there at ...
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Recommended total system backup solution [closed]

I already searched a bit around the answers here, but nothing satisfied me. I want a back-up solution that makes a total back-up, so that I can restore my Ubuntu system in case of major failures, like ...
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error fsyncing/closing/dev/sda: input/output error - hdd not detected in BIOS after this error

So here's what happened: I created a ubuntu gnome bootable usb using unetbootin and selected to replace my windows and install a fresh copy of ubuntu. But as soon as ubuntu finished cleaning up ...
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Moving 11.10 complete system to a new bigger Harddisk [duplicate]

I would like to move my current installation of Ubuntu 11.10 to a bigger harddisk, since the old one is failing. I would like to avoid solutions like dd block copying (since there would be unused ...
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How to move all installed programs from my computer to another computer or laptop?

If I have installed a lot of programs/games on my computer(desktop) and now buy a new laptop and I have installed a Ubuntu 11.10 on it too then,how to move all installed programs on my desktop to my ...
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Cloning Ubuntu over network

I want to migrate with my 12.04 to another machine. I have found the way with dd and hope it will work for me. The thing is that I have to somehow connect both drives to do the actual cloning. I'm ...
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How to create live backup of hard drive.

I am looking to have a backup copy of my hard drive incase of failure. Ideally I would like this to backup nightly. I want to be able to have 2 HD's installed in the system at the same time and boot ...
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move ubuntu 10 from xp dual boot to another drive

I have a system with 2 sata drives and I chooose which drive to boot from in the bios setup. One sata drive has win7 and the other has dual boot ubuntu 10 with XP. Having a dual boot with XP is a pain ...
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How to move ubuntu 12.04 on another drive

How I can move my ubuntu on another drive? I know about clonezilla but problem is that destination drive is smaller the source one. Gparted can't copy-paste partition if destination not the end last ...
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Replacing HDD with /home with an SSD

My HDD in my system recently started died so I am replacing it with a new M.2 SSD. I run Ubuntu 20.04 where my / (root) partition is on my SSD and my /home directory is on my HDD. Both are the same ...
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How to Upgrade Ubuntu hard drive on dual boot, dual drive system

I have a dual boot system. Win10 and Ubuntu boot off separate drives. I want to upgrade the Ubuntu hard drive. It is too small. I found the question/answer here: how-to-replace-my-disk-without-...