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How to install Skype 4.3? [duplicate]

Note: The legacy Skype for Linux application (v4.*) is now discontinued and was removed from Canonical’s partner repositories, so this question and its answers are obsolete. Please refer to a newer ...
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How to install Skype with Ubuntu 13.04 [duplicate]

jovan@jovan-HP-ProBook-4540s:~$ sudo apt-get install skype Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This ...
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How do I upgrade Skype using terminal on Ubuntu 14.04? [duplicate]

I need to upgrade my skype version using terminal. Right now I have the Skype version and the notification icon I am getting the text, i.e. A new update is available. Install latest version ...
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How to Install Skype for Linux in Ubuntu 16.04 Via Console only? [duplicate]

I use Ubuntu 16.04 I want to install Skype for Linux through the console. Is it possible? If I try to install via Software Installer, it closes automatically.
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How to get latest Skype for Linux version from repository? [duplicate]

I have Skype installed which I got from the Canonical Partners repository, however after reading this article I have come to understand that I can get this latest Alpha version from a repository too ...
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How to install skype in ubuntu 16.04 [duplicate]

How to install skype in ubuntu 16.04? Please provide step by step process for installation.
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What is the command line for skype installation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I install Skype? I am wondering what the command line is for the installation of skype-ubuntu_2.2.0.35-1_i386.deb from the terminal?
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How to install new Skype in Ubuntu 17.10 and later [duplicate]

Microsoft just release the new Skype client. I downloaded it from The compressed folder has a usr folder with a lot of other files in it. How do I install it ? ...
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How to install skype in Ubuntu 13.10? [duplicate]

I have trouble installing skype in Ubuntu 13.10. Installing skype through the Software Center gives an error Segmentation fault (core dumped) and after removing skype by using sudo apt-get remove ...
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Cannot find Skype in Ubuntu Software Center [duplicate]

I am in need of Skype but, when I upgraded my system to ubuntu, I found that the Skype is not available in Ubuntu Software Center. Even if I download the package from the Skype the Ubuntu Software ...
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Skype install into Ubuntu 17.04 64bit [duplicate]

How do I install Skype in Ubuntu 17.04 64 bit? I am just running it from an original RPM folder, with a short cut to the launcher. I cannot get the .DEB or .RPM packages to install. What line do I ...
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Install Skype for Ubuntu 15.04 [duplicate]

I have Ubuntu 15.04 installed, but I can't find Skype in it. Can someone tell me how to download and install it, please! Because on Skype site there's only Skype for Ubuntu 12.04, and in the Software ...
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Skype for 32 bit [duplicate]

I just did a fresh install of ubuntu and I wanted to install some additional software to it. I did a 32 bit install of ubuntu desktop and I realised that skype does not support 32 bit version anymore. ...
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Installing skype from playonlinux [duplicate]

I'm trying to install skype using this guide but after it installs it just opens up a blank skype application and the playonlinux wizard keeps loading (Says please wait) forever. Anyone have any idea ...
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Installing Skype is not working: "unable to locate package Skype" [duplicate]

I'm desperate, I've tried everything. I can't install Skype no matter what. I've tried every command I could and still nothing. When I download from the website I get a read only folder. Whatever ...

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