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How to install certificates for command line

So in school we need to install a certificate to access https sites. In firefox, I can import the certificate. However, I can't do so with the command line. For example, running git push I get: fatal:...
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Add certificate authorities system-wide on Firefox

I want to add some root CAs that doesn't come with the default firefox on Ubuntu, but I don't know how. I tried adding them to the local certificates with certutil, but it didn't work. It messed up ...
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Disable SSL certificate validation in Ubuntu totally

I am new to Linux and learning Linux on Ubuntu 18.0401 LTS installed on oracle virtualbox on company system. Company has private proxy network. So all the websites I browse on ubuntu pass through ...
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How to configure Ubuntu as an LDAP client?

How to configure Ubuntu 12.04 as LDAP client with PAM modules?
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Can't connect to WPA2 Enterprise PEAP network

I know there are about a dozen other questions like this, but so far none have helped me. My school uses a WPA2 Enterprise PEAP/MSCHAPv2 network without a cert(which I determined from a windows ...
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How to make Firefox trust my companies certificate on my machine?

I would like to use Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu 20.04, the problem is to make Firefox trust my companies certificate. First I installed the root/CA certificate as described in this answer That alone ...
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How to establish a webdav connection with TLS client certificate authentication in Ubuntu?

This answer works nice for establishing webdav or webdavs connections with nautilus. However, when I try this on a webdav share secured with a self-signed TLS client certificate authentication, I get:...
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How do I connect my NextCloud account to Ubuntu using a self-signed certificate?

I'm trying to connect my NextCloud account to Ubuntu, so that I can take advantage of the calendar integration and other features. Right now I'm running my own NextCloud server with a self-signed ...
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Root CA certs - exporting from Windows, importing into Ubuntu

I'm behind a corporate proxy, and we have Windows PCs with root ca certs pre-installed so SSL works with the proxy. Within my PC, I'm spinning up Linux VMs for testing, and so I have a need to get ...
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Root certificate issue on Ubuntu 16.04

I am configuring a new web application server running Ubuntu 16.04. The only thing "unusual" I have done is install php 5.6 instead of php7. Php5.6 however does require a valid root certificate and ...
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How do I re-install a ca-certificates after removing it in Ubuntu 16.04?

First of all, I got this error, E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) because of some problems in package ca-certificates. Then finding this blog, it mentioned some methods. I used ...
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How do I install an SSL certificate in order to serve a local web application?

I need to install a local SSL certificate so that the browser trusts it. The tutorial Running Angular CLI over HTTPS with a Trusted Certificate has instructions for OS X and Windows, but not Ubuntu. ...
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How do I install a .crt file in Firefox for Windmill Testing Framework?

I am trying to use the Windmill Testing Framework over https. When I run windmill firefox the Windmill IDE comes up fine. When I run windmill firefox the ...
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Problems using Murmur with self-signed certificate

I made my own CA using openssl and sign other certificates using that Root certificate. I signed a certificate using my CA for use with my Murmur server, and have the following in /etc/mumble-server....
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When will Ubuntu include Digital Certificates from Govt of India Root CA PKI CCA India 2007?

Ubuntu for all platforms (laptops+mobiles) must respect and contain Government of India's Root CA and CA Certificates and improve compliance with Indian IT Act 2000 (Cross Certification) and law ...
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