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How to set a permanent environment variable? [duplicate]

I am not yet a Linux guy and I have some problem trying to add a new permanent environment variable. So I have to set a new environment variable named CATALINA_HOME with this value: /opt/apache-...
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Create an alias to a desired directory to use within the Terminal [duplicate]

I constantly need to type: cd /home/geo/Geant4/geant4.10.00.p02-install/lib/Geant4-10.0.2 How do I create an alias to that directory, so I could just type: cd $geant (or any other word I decide to ...
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How to modify environment variable in unix? [duplicate]

I want to modify environment variable by user given value. For example, user will give the variable to be modified and a value to put in the variable. I tried the command: set[variable[=val]] Its ...
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Is there really a Bug in ls -l not observing the Environment Variable TIME_STYLE? [duplicate]

Look at this: I want to let ls- l always show the date formatted as long-iso. I was told to add a file /etc/profile.local with the line export TIME_STYLE=long-iso. I did so, as shown below under #1. ...
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How to set environment variable for SUMO_HOME (sumo-0.32.0) in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS [duplicate]

After installing sumo-0.32.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I noticed that SUMO folder doesn't contain a bin directory! The SUMO folder I checked is in the path: /usr/share/sumo Is this the right sumo home ...
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Environment Variable - how does properly set them (bashrc or profile) [duplicate]

I am very new in Ubuntu and I am lost about Environment Variable. I have read some Forums but I didn't understand yet. If I type java -version I got the java confirmation but if I type echo $...
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Where to declare environment variables?

What are correct places for: Global environment variables meant to affect all users? User-specific environment variables?
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How can I make it so I can run a specific program, just by typing its name in the console?

I have just recently installed Light Table downloading it from the git repository, and followed the instructions on this website to create a desktop launcher. Now I want to run the program by ...
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Why do I have to `source .profile` in every terminal I open?

When we change some variable in ~/.profile in Ubuntu, then we execute the command source .profile. Then the change is effective only in this terminal. If we open a new terminal we have to execute the ...
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How to automatically install a program bash suggests I install?

I am thinking of the use case of this output: The program 'tiger' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install tiger How can I get it to prompt me to install that ...
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How to use Sublime Text 2 as Quickly default editor?

I used this answer to change the editor used with quickly and it worked, however now,when I type quickly edit the command line stays on the open and does not allow me to enter other commands as long ...
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How can I re-order LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

How can I re-order LD_LIBRARY_PATH? Edit: I'm interested in LD_LIBRARY_PATH because I have this problem: I can't update, upgrade and remove my app from kubuntu and one of the error is due to ...
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q4wine: Cannot find or execute the 'wine' binary

i tried to download q4wine and everything went well but when i tried to open the software it gave me this: Cannot find or execute the 'wine' binary. Make sure that this binary is available by search ...
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How do I configure Juju to use Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

I'd like to deploy services on AWS, how can I configure Juju to do this?
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What do user folders do?

In ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs you can change the user folders. But do they actually do anything except for changing the links in Nautilus? I can see that changing XDG_DESKTOP_DIR does something – namely ...
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