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How to lock screen 30 minutes after unlock [duplicate]

I would like my children to only use the computer for 30 minutes, at which time I would like the screen to be locked. At that point, if I choose to unlock the screen again, I would like the screen to ...
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Is there any parental block feature on Ubuntu 12.04 [duplicate]

Is there any program that is similar to Window's parental control, which allows site blockage and download blockage?
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Log on hours for users [duplicate]

I am looking for a way to edit and enforce log on hours for individual users on a machine. So far, from what I have been able to find, 2 tools (timekpr and gnome nanny) arent available for use in ...
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How can I set computer usage time limits? [duplicate]

I've got an old computer that I put Ubuntu on for my kids (11, 9, and 7). They're always fighting for who can get on the computer and I'm sick of trying to figure out who has had enough time. Anyway, ...
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Is there any "windows-family-safety"-like feature available in Ubuntu? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I restrict my kids' computing time? What is the best way to restrict access to adult content? Is there any "windows-family-safety"-like feature available in ...
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Pre-scheduled daily lock-out periods [duplicate]

I'm looking for an automatic way to lock out our home computer during certain pre-scheduled times of the day. Rather than rolling my own script for doing this, is there some off-the-shelf software ...
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Is there anything like Nanny that's still being developed? [duplicate]

Just installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for my kids to use. I am concerned about how long they use the PC each day. Is anyone aware of any parental time-limit apps, like Gnome Nanny or timekpr, that are ...
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How do I set up parental controls on Tahr? [duplicate]

Keep in mind that this question is not asking for merely a time limiter! Please read the full question and see that I also want to limit application and internet access. The solution doesn't have to ...
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It it possible to turn computer off and keep it off [duplicate]

OK, I'd like to implement some kind of 'child protection' for someone who acts like a child, to turn the computer off at night. I can easily put a shutdown command at 11pm in cron, but it's then easy ...
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How can I set a daily limit on a specific user's login time? [duplicate]

I need to restrict the use of a machine to two hours per day (total, across multiple sessions of being physically logged in at the console). Is there any way I can do that? Edit: I suppose I could do ...
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How to restrict a user account to a specific time period [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I restrict my kids' computing time? I'm using 12.04 and would like to make one user account open for use 24/7 and one account only available from 8:00am to 12:00am ...
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Set logon hours for user accounts [duplicate]

I want to stop a user account from logging in after a specified time. I know how to do this on Windows, but I can't seem to find an a way to do this on Linux.
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How to force logout after a time limit? [duplicate]

I work in a library and I need to set a time limit for the user, like 20 minutes, and when the time is over the user is forced to logout. Is possible to do that?
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PAM & /etc/security/time.conf [duplicate]

I need to change the permissions access based on time in Ubuntu. I have a user called "miguel" and I want miguel not to gain access on Saturdays from 00:00 to 19:00 hours. I read in web pages that ...
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What are PPAs and how do I use them?

I keep reading about Personal Package Archives ('PPAs') and people answer questions with a link to a PPA. What's the best way to use these? There are multiple valid answers for this question ...

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