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After upgrading to 11.10, the behavior of applications switcher (Alt + Tab) has changed. Now it displays applications across all workspaces. I have a lot of windows opened when working. I'm grouping ...
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How do I disable application groupin in Ubuntu 11.10 ALT + TAB application switcher? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Revert Alt-tab behavior changed in 11.10 In Ubuntu 11.10 the ALT + TAB application switcher shows the applications grouped by executable apparently. I find it very annoying ...
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Switch between applications in the current workspace [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I revert Alt-tab behavior to switch between windows on the current workspace? With Alt+Tab I can switch between all my applications. But do you know how to switch ...
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How do I turn off alt-tab in Unity? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I revert Alt-tab behavior changed in 11.10? Is there any way to turn off the way that Unity handles Alt-Tab? You know, to make it where Alt-Tab JUST switches through ...
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Is there a way to change so that Alt + tab will work similar to windows? [duplicate]

When I open multiple terminal sessions and the sessions are buried under one application and I have to press ctrl + ` to move between the same application. Is there a way to change so that Alt + tab ...
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How to select last active window across workspaces? [16.04 LTS] [duplicate]

I use workspaces with a great deal of windows! I have a problem: Be using a firefox tab, or terminal window. Change to password manager (on other workspace) by clicking launcher icon Copy password I ...
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How to revert to GNOME Classic Desktop?

I'm used to GNOME Classic and personally don't want to change to anything else, but it seems there is no more GNOME Classic in the Oneiric release. After apt-get installed gnome-session and all, ...
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How to ungroup windows on Unity task switcher?

I'm playing with ubuntu 12.04, precise pangolin, and there's an issue I can't see how to solve. If I have three instances of, let's say, Firefox, in the switcher appears a single Firefox icon, I have ...
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How can I remove "Show Desktop" from the Alt-Tab (application) switcher?

Is it possible to remove "Show Desktop" from the Alt+Tab application switcher?
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Unity: How can I make Alt+TAB browse through all my windows without grouping them?

When I use ALT+TAB to cycle through my apps I would like to have icons for all my open browsers. I use the ` (Grave or the key above TAB) but I really find that hard to use. Anyway I can just use ALT+...
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What are some of the issues with CCSM and why would I want to avoid it?

I've seen some people complaining about how unstable CompizConfig Settings Manager ("CCSM") is and how it can break people's desktops if they're not careful. What are some of the known problems with ...
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Sane alt-tab behaviour in Ubuntu 14.04.1 (unity)

Say I have emacs and 3 terminal windows open. This is the way unity organizes them: one window group for emacs one window group for the 3 terminals With Alt+Tab I can switch from emacs to the active ...
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Ungroup with alt tab

I have a "serious" issue. I use Ubuntu 11.10 and I really like it. There's just one thing that drives me crazy. Can someone tell me how I can ungroup for ex. Mozilla with alt tab? I've already ...
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Disable Alt+Tab switcher grouping by script or command

In Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) with Unity, Alt + Tab lets you switch between groups of windows and makes it very annoying to switch to a specific window from a group when it is not the last window ...
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How to get previous behaviour of alt-tab task switcher in 11.10

When I press Alt+Tab the task switcher appears. Unfortunately, the behaviour in 11.10 has changed. Previously, in 11.04, I would see all applications, I could see if an application was minimised (it ...
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