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Is it safe to upgrade from Ubuntu 16.10 to 17.04? [duplicate]

I became a linux user with 16.10, about 4 months ago. I'm loving it, but since the final version of 17.04 is about to come out, I'd like to upgrade. Is there any benefit to a clean install? I don't ...
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Should I Upgrade Or Fresh Installation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is a clean install better than upgrading? Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be out soon. Should I upgrade it using Update Manager or using fresh installation? Which one is ...
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What is the recommended way to upgrade: full reinstall or over current system? [duplicate]

I have previously upgraded from 16.10 to 17.04 but it didn't go well at all. I used deja-dup to restore my settings and this resulted in a messed up connection manager, the inability to change the ...
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i am planning to upgrade my ubuntu 11.04 to 12.04 but confused...should i upgrade or perform a fresh install? [duplicate]

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Update 12.04 LTS to 14.04 on dual boot laptop with win7 already installed [duplicate]

Have 12.04 LTS on laptop with win7 as a dual boot install. Want to upgrade it to latest LTS version 14.04. So what is the best process, upgrade or do a clean install? Upgrade will be long path but ...
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Is upgrading to online more dangerous - or not as good - as a fresh install? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is a clean install better than upgrading? I read as an answer to another question that when upgrading to Oneiric, a fresh install is best and that one should avoid updating ...
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Is it better do upgrade system from existing Ubuntu installation, or to install a fresh version? [duplicate]

So far every time I have uninstalled a new version of Ubuntu I have done a clean install of the system, and after that I have installed all programs all over again, but now I am thinking as I have a ...
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Is the "Final Release" a "Development Release"?

Update The official Release Notes appear to have been updated recently (as of writing this the last update appears to have taken place on 3rd of June) to include the following statement: The -d ...
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Backup/clone live to a new partition which can be booted

Ubuntu 18.04 came out April 26, 2018 and I want to try it to upgrade my programs and convert my data but don't want to commit if there are bugs. I've shrunk Windows from 410 GB to 385 GB, rebooted ...
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Upgrade vs Clean install without formatting

I am currently using Ubuntu 11.10 . In a few weeks I plan to upgrade to 12.04. However, I have heard that upgrade can result in a broken system. So, I thought to make a clean install without ...
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How will people upgrade from 12.10 to later releases after 13.04 is EOL?

Looking at 13.04 will reach EOL in January 2014, while 12.10 will reach EOL in April 2014, therefore if a 12.10 user hasn't upgraded to 13.04 and subsequently to 13....
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Ubuntu 16.04 won't boot: stuck on black screen with dev/sda1: clean, ../.. files, ../.. blocks

my laptop (Thinkpad t450, Ubuntu 16.04) won't boot anymore, it stays stuck on /dev/sda1: clean, nnn/nnn files, nnn/nnn blocks I have tried to $ sudo apt-get purge nvidia* and fsck at boot, but it ...
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Is the result of upgrade for system files different than a full clean install?

I recently have migrated from Scientific Linux (SL), a RHEL derivative distro, to Ubuntu LTS. This was necessitated by there being no SL 8, and I have been posting to the SL list (a much more ...
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How to upgrade Ubuntu 18.04 DDE to 20.04 DDE [closed]

Willing to upgrade my Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) based on Ubuntu 18.04 I was confronted with the lack of explanation on how to do so reliably to 20.04 DDE. Any enlightened, safe method on how to ...
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Updating QT to 5.9 on Ubuntu 14.04

For the purpose of installing Master PDF Editor, which I would use to troubleshoot a separate problem, I need a more up-to-date version of QT. When I run sudo dpkg -i master-pdf-editor-4.2.70_qt5....
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