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How do I convert my usb installation from legacy boot to uefi? [duplicate]

I installed elementary os onto a usb using legacy settings, and I can boot it using legacy bios options. However, I would like to switch the boot to UEFI so that I dont have to change my PC's firmware ...
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Dual boot Ubuntu 16.04/Windows 10 no longer booting [duplicate]

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 on 2 separate hard drives (no partitions, 2 physical hard drives). Two things have happened: I no longer get the GRUB boot loader screen which allows me to ...
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Converting Ubuntu to UEFI [duplicate]

Does anyone know of an Easy solution to dual boot Window and Ubuntu with UEFI after you have already installed Ubuntu or for that matter from the get-go? I have tried enabling CSM in my BIOS and using ...
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Lubuntu refuses to boot from HDD despite numerous tries with boot-repair [duplicate]

I remember problems setting up my Lubuntu with UEFI/Legacy boot mode. That was more than a year ago and the system worked fine - until now. For whatever reason, it refuses to boot again. I went ...
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In a dual boot system, how does the BIOS choose which bootloader to run?

I have a dual boot of Windows and Ubuntu. When I switch on the machine, the BIOS does POST and after that the bootloader starts. I want to understand how the BIOS chooses which bootloader to run. I ...
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How to install the Boot-Repair tool in an Ubuntu live disc?

When the bootloader (GRUB) is broken, I cannot access neither Ubuntu nor Windows. I heard that an easy solution to fix this is to use the Boot-Repair tool from an Ubuntu liveCD (or liveUSB). What ...
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How to boot load the kernel using EFI stub (efistub) loader?

I have Ubuntu 14.04 running in UEFI mode as only operating system, no dual-boot here. The kernel version is 3.13.0-24-generic. There is an EFI partition. In this case the EFI partition is not at the ...
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How to install Ubuntu server with UEFI and RAID1 + LVM

I used to install my servers with LVM over software RAID1, and grub install on the MBR of both drives. Now I have an UEFI server, and the compatibility (BIOS) mode does not seem to work. So I went ...
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"Error: Invalid signature" when configuring dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 10

After installing the Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop, it ruined the grub boot manager, and I could only boot in windows 10. I fixed the boot manager using a live cd with the boot-repair tool, but it ...
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Can I install in UEFI mode with the alternate installer?

I'm wondering if it's possible to install Ubuntu 11.04 UEFI mode with the alternate installer. I've read that only grub-efi is needed to boot in UEFI mode. How do I install that?
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Why can't (and how can) I install both grub-pc and grub-efi packages?

I'd like to install both the grub-pc and grub-efi packages so that my server can boot using either method; however, when I try to install one, apt only proceeds if I remove the other. According to apt ...
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Windows does not show in GRUB Customizer

I know this question has been asked several times, but none of the answers seem to be working in my case. I have win 10 and Ubuntu. but there is no dual boot menu. GRUB does not show in the bootup. ...
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How to convert a Ubuntu BIOS install to EFI/UEFI without Boot-Repair on Ubuntu dual boot hardware?

Previous configuration: Ubuntu 12.04 on /dev/sda [WD 2T HDD] Ubuntu 14.04 on /dev/sdb [Hitachi 2T HDD] ~10 years old PC in BIOS mode (no PC in EFI in 2006!), basic Nvidia graphics card. The BIOS is ...
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Will BIOS boot mode Ubuntu install be able to boot when firmware "Fast Boot" is "Ultra Fast"?

I have an AsRock mainboard with UEFI BIOS P1.50 02/14/2014. The firmware "Fast Boot" option is set to "Fast", Boot Option #1 is set to "AHCI P4: OCZ-VERT...": this is BIOS not UEFI boot. This boot ...
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conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs EFI VGA - removing generic driver

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 AMD64 with Core i3-2100 and GA-H61M-DS2,I removed HIS 6670 iSilence 5 1GB recently because it crashed randomly on Ubuntu 14.04 AMD64 and removed fglrx by this How do I remove ...
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