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How to format computer hard drive to ntfs [duplicate]

So I have ubuntu right now and I'm trying to get windows by using a bootable usb but when I try to install windows it says that the hard drive has to be formated to NTFS so I have tried formatting it ...
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How to use manual partitioning during installation?

I'd like to see the full How-To on how to use manual partitioning during Ubuntu installation. The existing guides (at least those I found here) cover only automatic part and leave untouched the manual ...
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Add Windows 10 to GRUB OS list

I recently got a computer from school. It came with Windows 8.1 installed. I then installed another copy of Windows 8.1 (so it would use the built-in Windows Pro license) and upgraded it to Windows 10....
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How to create UEFI-only bootable USB live media?

Having live media that can boot both ways can be a problem when installing Ubuntu onto currently available Windows 8 computers. In other words the key advantage to creating UEFI-only bootable USB ...
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How can I change/convert a Ubuntu MBR drive to a GPT, and make Ubuntu boot from EFI?

I recently have upgraded my PC, my new Motherboard (ASUS M5A99X EVO) uses UEFi instead of the regular MBR option. I have a Ubuntu 11.10 installation that I did when I had my previous hardware (MSI MS ...
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''EFI boot partition'' and ''biosgrub'' partition

Why do I need these? I have installed Ubuntu under a non UEFI (master boot record) and have installed Ubuntu with no 'biosgrub' and it works fine, whereas other times I am asked to make a 'biosgrub' ...
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UEFI Partitioning for Dummies

I have been reading/researching for hours now on how to partition for a UEFI enabled, secure boot windows 8 system. The language used is a bit above my head though and some steps seem to be skipped ...
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How to transfer Ubuntu to SSD, but keeping home on HDD?

I would like to transfer my existing Ubuntu Trusty (14.04.1) system (including installed apps from PPAs) to an SSD. I want to retain my existing home directory on hard disk). What is the best method, ...
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Problems with USB on Ubuntu 16.04

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 from a bootable USB. I made the disk by opening the iso with Archive Manager and then writing it to USB. I don't know what happened but I cannot format the pen drive now. Here ...
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Can I Use Boot-Repair To Wipe My Computer?

I'm trying desperately to uninstall Ubuntu 14.04 and replace it with Windows 7, but I'm encountering serious issues. See this thread: Trouble installing Windows 7 via USB TL;DR I have a Windows 7 ISO ...
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Windows 10 Boot broken is after Dual Boot install (EFI System Partition)

What I did: I created using gparted a fresh GPT partition table and partitions as described below Then installed Windows 10 on a fresh machine, did some basic settings, all working nicely... also ...
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Added a new 10TB HDD. Gparted formats only part of it

My OS is Ubuntu 16.04. I have added a new 10TB HDD to my system. I used GParted to format it, but it only formats 1.2TB, leaving the rest unusable. I want to keep the drive unpartitioned (having just ...
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How Do I Install Ubuntu 14.04 on Toshiba Portege z935 Using Something Else?

How do I Install Ubuntu 14.04 on Toshiba Portege z935 Using Something Else?
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Tried installing Ubuntu 20.04, messed up entire HD

I was using Windows 7, then I had shrinked the partitions to left about 150 GB of free space on the disk to install Ubuntu 20.04 alongisde with Windows. I booted Ubuntu via pendrive and after ...
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Do I need clean my hard drive from Viruses before replacing Windows with Ubuntu?

I am making the full switch to Ubuntu! In order to do so I want to wipe my hard drive entirely to remove all of the viruses and what not and then do a clean install of Ubuntu. However, I am not ...
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