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Trying to build MariaDB, I get the error: You must put some 'deb-src' URIs in your sources.list [duplicate]

I follow MariaDB docs on how to build MariaDB on my Ubuntu. It says run On a Debian based distribution: apt-get build-dep mariadb-server-10.X where X is the suffix of the major version. So I run sudo ...
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Problem with apt-get for kernel sources [duplicate]

I am running Ubuntu desktop 16.04 I tried to get the kernel sources using the command apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r) as recommended in the Ubuntu wiki. I got the error E: You must put some ...
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You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list error [duplicate]

I'm trying to install python imaging library because it's a dependency for some other stuff. but when I try to do it I get this $ sudo apt-get build-dep python-imaging Reading package lists......
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How do I get and modify the source code of packages installed through apt-get?

I am assuming that all application installed through apt-get are open source; but for those that are available in that manner, where can I get the source code for these applications as well as update ...
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How can different packages have identical source code?

I recently learned how easy it is to get the source code for any given package using apt-get source so that I can get the source code, make changes and install my own modified version of any package. ...
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Right click to paste in terminal

At work I'm using putty to connect to a lot of Red Hat / CentOS machines and I love the fact that selecting a text means copy and right click means paste. Can I set Ubuntu's default terminal to do ...
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How (recipe) to build only one kernel module?

I have a bug in a Linux kernel module that causes the stock Ubuntu 14.04 kernel to oops (crash). That is why I want to edit/patch the source of only that single kernel module to add some extra debug ...
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How to automatically update /etc/apt/sources.list with source URIs on Ubuntu 16.04?

The following command worked fine on Ubuntu 15.10: sudo apt-get build-dep emacs24 However, on Ubuntu 16.04 I get the following error when running it: Reading package lists... Done E: You must put ...
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Unable to locate package steamcmd

I'm trying to install steamcmd on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server, but when running sudo apt-get install steamcmd it errors out with Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state ...
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How to install debug symbols for installed packages?

I try to watch how programs work by running them by the 'Qt Creator' debugger. For better orientation I'd like to see also the system (core) utilities fully in the call stack window as I am used from ...
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How to run Ubuntu desktop on QEMU?

I've installed Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop on QEMU, but now when I start it with: qemu-system-i386 -m 1024M -enable-kvm -drive file=./ubuntu-desktop.img,index=0,media=disk,format=raw I see this picture: ...
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When will xrandr version 1.5.1 be available in Ubuntu?

I guess this is more of a question of where do I go to find out when xrandr version 1.5.1 will be published in Ubuntu? It's already available in Arch Linux and was released in August 2019. There is a ...
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Vim 8 with system clipboard on 16.04 LTS

I have install Vim 8 (so that I can use ale). Unfortunately I can't seem to get the system clipboard to work. (E.g. using vim-gnome I would use the "+y to yank to the system clipboard. Has anybody got ...
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native FAF on ubuntu (QtWebKit on ubuntu 17.04+)

I'm trying to run FAF (natively) in conjunction with FA (through wine) (due to the views this post receives and to how much the methods have updated I've decided to update this question for it to ...
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Dark Notifications / Dark Shell Theme that fits Yaru Dark?

I am trying to get a uniform dark theme going on Ubuntu 19.10, and am not a big fan of the light notifications. One can change the shell theme to obtain dark notifications, but I don't know a theme ...
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