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I am new to Linux and want to install ubuntu on a computer that has 32GB of RAM. I've read a lot about the recommended size of swap for people with much smaller RAM capacity, but nothing for my size. ...
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What swapfile size to make? I have 4GB RAM [duplicate]

Very often I am out of memory. I noticed that I don't have a swapfile. What size should I choose? I have 4GB RAM. Programs I use are: Firefox, Thunderbird, Grive, Android Studio, that's it, still my ...
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Do I need a swap partition? [duplicate]

I have 4GB of RAM and I want to install Ubuntu. Do I need a to have a swap partition? Because my computer has 4GB RAM, I do not think it is necessary to have a swap partition. If I do need to have a ...
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What is swap and how large a swap partition should I create? [duplicate]

I have a system with 4gb of RAM and Intel i5 processor. I want to know how much memory I should allocate to SWAP. Will allocating more memory help increase the system performance. In the past i have ...
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Do I need to swap partition? How Large? [duplicate]

My system: Dell XPS15 9550 Processor: i7 6700HQ RAM: 16GB DDR4 Disk: Samsung pm951 (512GB NVMe SSD) GPU: 960M I'm new to Linux so I will dual boot Windows 10 + Ubuntu 16.04. I'm a network ...
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How do I calculate a SWAP partition? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I have 16GB RAM. Do I need 32GB swap? Since the late 90s I've always understood that it is best practice to allocate twice the amount of physical RAM as swap space. I just ...
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Swap partition size for 32GB RAM [duplicate]

Currently I have laptop with 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. I always use "full encrypted disk" option in installation creator which automatically create 16GB swap partition. Now I want to buy laptop with ...
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How much swap memory should i have if i have 2 GB of ram? [duplicate]

I'll be basically doing programming and stuff.
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I have 4 GB ram.. what should be the perfect swap partition size? [duplicate]

I heard that swap memory partition should be double the size of ram.. is it true? so I have to keep 8 GB swap space? I'm gonna install Ubuntu gnome 13.04.
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Swap file size for 8GB of ram [duplicate]

I just purchased a root server from a web hosting provider, where I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. My server has an HDD of 320 GB SAS and 8 GB of RAM, and would host a Twitter-like web application. ...
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Ubuntu 16.04, I need to increase swap space? [duplicate]

Ubuntu 16.04 16GB RAM. How can i increase swap memory in my case? And how many GB i have to add?
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Can Ubuntu work without swap partition? [duplicate]

After I upgraded from HDD to SSD, I followed some tips from Internet and turned swap off, but then, my OS would always freeze when out of memory although I have 8GB RAM and just open some applications....
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How much swap do I really need? [duplicate]

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How much swap space should i use? [duplicate]

I have a 4GB RAM laptop with 500GB hard-disc space and I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. So, I need to use the android studio a lot and recommended RAM for that is 8GB. My computer crashes a lot lately so ...
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How to delete the Swap partition? [duplicate]

I have Ubuntu 14.10 thats dual booted (with windows 7) with 6 GB of RAM and i want to delete the swap partition without having any errors when booting into Ubuntu if its possible how? BTW my Linux ...
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