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Can't empty trash [duplicate]

I visited a lot of forums but found no answer. I have 5 files in my trash bin and I can't delete them, at first after I clicked on the empty trash button it would freeze, now when I do that it just ...
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Ubuntu's terrible trash [duplicate]

I've got 18.5 GB of trash in my trash, I've tried emptying it, but it won't work, even when I navigate to trash folder as root within nautilus.
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Cannot remove file from trash that was put there as root

I know about the dangers of using root access so please forego the lectures. I try to be careful and will be doubly so from now on. I was using the file browser with root access in order to change ...
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Can't find my trashcan?

I have tried to find my trashcan in order to free some space on the disc. I have tried the suggested commands How can I empty the trash using terminal? but it seems like I don't have any local folder. ...
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Why does emptying the rubbish bin in nautilus take so long?

For the purpose of this question, "large directory" means for example a Linux kernel git repository, or the Chromium source. If I rm -rf a large directory like this from the shell, it is deleted in ...
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Empty Trash sound event?

Is there any way to add a sound event every time I empty the trash on my Ubuntu system?
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Unable to delete folder located in "Trash" in Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

I am trying to delete a folder that I imported from a MacOS device using SMB, but I have not yet found a way to delete it. I tried using the Nautilus utility to gain permissions to delete the folder, ...
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Empty trash hangs

I deleted several thousands of large files at once with total volume of 500Gb. They ended up in a trash bin (I thought I was using shift-delete, but apparently it was just moved to recycling bin. When ...
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/var/log/syslog suddenly grew to 44 GB due to gnome-shell (actually: Chromium or Chrome) error logs

Why is gnome-shell writing 17783 lines per second of these errors to my /var/log/syslog file?: gnome-shell:] Received unexpected number of handles gnome-shell: ERROR:...
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Is it possible to have multiple trash cans for separate partitions in the unity launcher?

I have a separate drive mounted at /srv. If I create a /srv/.Trash folder files on that drive are successfully moved to a /srv/.Trash/1000 upon move to trash. If I don't have a /srv/.Trash folder I ...
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Empty trash every 30 minutes

I would like my trash emptied every 30 minutes. I installed Autotrash, but it specified days of age. Is there an alternative?
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