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shell script in /etc/profile.d not running at startup [duplicate]

I have a shell script at /etc/profile.d/ It contains the following contents: export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/pgsql/bin" Its supposed to load that path in the user accounts' $PATH when the ...
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How can I preset aliases for all users?

I have Ubuntu 14.04.2. I want to make it so all users automatically have a specific set of aliases. I have my aliases set in my personal .bashrc, but I don't want to have to manually copy them into ...
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Differentiate Interactive login and non-interactive non-login shell

I'm trying to differentiate these four terms login, non-login, interactive and non-interactive: interactive - login shell interactive - non-login shell non-interactive - login shell non-interactive - ...
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Why is /etc/profile not being loaded during non-login bash shell sessions?

For 11.04, I did a fresh install of my system. Part of that install was to install rvm, which sticks a in /etc/profile.d/. This doesn't work as /etc/profile (which loads each +r in /etc/profile....
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Sequence of scripts sourced upon login

I would like to concentrate all my login config in my ~/.bash_profile. There was a ~/.bashrc there by default but I replaced it with a ~/.bash_profile. However, when I log in, something before my ~/....
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Changing the value of $HOME in .bashrc

First of all a bit of background. I apologise in advance for the misuse of terminology. Please correct me where necessary. For my work I am going to be running simulations remotely via ssh on several ...
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execute script when closing terminal

I want to execute a specific sh script when closing a terminal. I edited the .bash-logout file, added this line of code inside if statement [ -x /home/user/Documents/ ] && /home/...
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bash: script/bash_completion_dog: No such file or directory

When I open my terminal, I get this message. I tried to correct my .bashrc file but could not find anything related to this error message. How do I resolve this? As suggested by terdon, I tried the ...
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how to run or re-load /etc/profile.d/ scripts?

From within the GUI, I'm seeing this result: My problem is exactly that this does not happen in the terminal run under the graphical user interface; neither in Ubuntu 16.04.3 or 18.04. – Thomas ...
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stderr of terminal in red, even with sudo

I am trying to make a working example for logrotate, and to help me through this I figured it was a good idea to turn stderr to red. Through some reading, I came upon stderred, which I meant to adopt....
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16.04 ssh exits immediately

I have new brand new Dell with Ubuntu 16.04.02 LTS pre-installed. I've done updates, setup a local account and installed ssh. When I try to ssh into the machine it asks for my password, prints "...
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PS1 Prompt Only Showing "$" For Domain Users

Regardless of which directory I'm in the PS1 prompt only displays $ for domain users, whereas, if I login using a local user the prompt displays as expected. The ~/.bashrc file for the test domain ...
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alias settings nor working at logon

Newly installed hirsute = 21.04. Installed out of the package, created my own personal account, the default .bashrc is present in my homedir and to make sure there is a .bash_aliases too. Both mention ...
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antlr4 alias not persisting

I'm trying to set up Antlr 4.5 as per the instructions here but the alias isn't accessible from where I've put my project after a reboot, which makes me wonder if I've done the classpath step ...
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Cannot find location of permanent aliases.

A couple of months ago, I made a few permanent aliases for my bash shell on Ubuntu 14.04. They are actively making my life easier, and I would like to add a couple more to the list, but I cannot find ...

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