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Highlight the first entry and replace “quiet splash” with “nomodeset”-HOW DO I DO THAT? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to set nomodeset for installation? The guide is from here: can someone explain to me how do i ...
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Set nomodeset in usb installation (efi loader with iso) [duplicate]

I'm working with the studyblast solution to creating a live USB on OS X. I managed to get Ubuntu booted but the screen looks like a corrupt/glitch image. I can just about make out the clock on the ...
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Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 boots, but no login prompt [duplicate]

I have freshly installed Ubuntu Server 16.04.3. I had previously been using some edition of version 14, and it always booted to a text login screen. I was expecting the same from 16.04.3, and in on-...
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UNetBootin can't boot Ubuntu [duplicate]

I'm a beginner in Linux. I've had my usb prepared with UNetBootin with Ubuntu 18.04 Live x64 LTS. The problem is, my PC won't boot to usb drive. Even though I've change the boot sequence and try many ...
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How do I troubleshoot screen configuration failure on a new install? [duplicate]

I installed Ubuntu on a 2008 MacBook Pro yesterday and can't get any display or x server booted. I can boot from the CD into rescue mode, so I can see that: The syslog has an error, ...
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Setting nomodeset (VESA graphics mode) through GRUB shell [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to set nomodeset for installation? I'm installing Ubuntu Desktop AMD64. I've previously done this on the same system with the Alternate iso install because it uses a text ...
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Ubuntu 14.04 - Boots Completely Unstable (99.9% frozen ) [duplicate]

I have an older HP Pavilion from 2007 that I have been trying to get up and running. It originally had Ubuntu 13.04, but I was experiencing crashes where the entire screen would turn into corrupted ...
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No display on boot with Radeon HD6620G [duplicate]

I have an HP laptop with a Radeon HD6620G. When I try to boot the live CD for 11.10, I just get a black screen. I know Ubuntu's loading, because I can hear the startup sound. Any ideas?
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Setting display to reduce migraines, what does nomodeset and fbdev mean? and how to set them? [duplicate]

In a forum about migraines and computer displays, i've found these instructions:"and try nomodeset for intel kernel module i915 and the fbdev video driver. It's basically the same thing as Standard ...
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Failure to boot in Ubuntu for only-Ubuntu + Nvidia laptop [duplicate]

Problem I just received the Nvidia laptop I ordered specifically for coding and deep learning. So I just erased Windows while installing Ubuntu. The installation procedures follow Ubuntu community ...
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problem of freezing after entering password [duplicate]

sir, As u said I tried and edited in the command box while booting.I entered nomodeset to the line contains vmlinuz.It is worked but I need to enter this command everytime I am booting up... can't ...
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Ubuntu not booting (want to bypass hardware failure) [duplicate]

Recently, I found out that I have an issue with my laptop GPU hardware. Since I have the integrated graphics (Intel+AMD), the only solution I got is the replacement of the motherboard. My Windows OS ...
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My computer boots to a black screen, what options do I have to fix it?

I am trying to boot Ubuntu on my computer. When I boot Ubuntu, it boots to a black screen. How can I fix this? Table of Contents: If you are trying to install Ubuntu If you have a dual boot system ...
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15.04 and Nvidia: login loop

Upgraded 14.10 to 15.04, desktop fails to load past login screen. I type in my password, hear a failure sound byte, back to login screen. Also can't boot off a 15.04 thumb drive created with another ...
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Latest NVIDIA driver on Ubuntu 16.04

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 and I notice that in the "Additional Drivers" tab of "Software & Updates", the latest versions of NVIDIA drivers I can install are version 367.57 from nvidia-367 (proprietary) ...

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