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How to start a program? [duplicate]

Total newbie, I can download programs, but how do I make the program executable? Using 13.10 Thank you John
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How do I mark a file as executable on 13.04? [duplicate]

I just got 13.04 and need to know how to mark a file as executable. So if someone could tell me how that would be great. When I go to permissions the execute thing is not there.
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How do I check if I have a 32-bit or a 64-bit OS?

I downloaded and installed Ubuntu from the official site. However, I don't know if I installed the 32-bit or 64-bit version. In Windows 7 I could right click My Computer and it listed which version ...
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Can I use the Unity launcher icon to minimize applications/windows?

I don't know if this is a feature or a bug, but clicking on an active application's launcher icon doesn't minimize it. It is terribly inconvenient for folks using a persistent Unity bar to click ...
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How to install Minecraft (Client)

How to correctly install Minecraft, including setting any needed packages or apps to install it and to troubleshoot the most common problems that Ubuntu users face when trying to use Minecraft. I am ...
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Mute key mutes Alsa and PulseAudio, but unmutes only Alsa

When I press the mute key on my keyboard, both the Alsa master channel and the PulseAudio master channel get muted, pressing it again only unmutes the alsa master channel, the pulseaudio master ...
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How to install TeamViewer?

How can I install TeamViewer in Ubuntu?
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Menu missing in Lotus notes 8 and Eclipse in Unity

I installed lotus notes 8.5.2 on 10.10 netbook using unity desktop. At first lotus notes showed its menu. Suddenly (not sure if I did something) the menu disappeared. When I start up using gnome ...
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Can I get portable applications for Ubuntu?

I dont want to use internet everytime to install common application like vlc, etc.. Is there a site for portable apps for ubuntu ?
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Can Unity display a Launcher icon for Spread Mode?

There is a Launcher icon for Expo Mode Super+S located in the Launcher. Is there a way to put a Launcher icon for Spread Mode Super+W in the Launcher?
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How to run a web browser as a screensaver

I would like to set up a custom application (a separate profile of Firefox browser in my case) to be fired instead of screensaver. I am using Gnome desktop environment. Technically it doesn't have to ...
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Are there any existing apps similar to GNOME 3's chat popup/respond box?

In general, I prefer Unity to Gnome Shell, but the latter's chat popup and inline responder thing (video here: is more or less a killer app for me and is ...
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Keyboard shortcut to un-focus form controls

While a form control like <select> or <input> is focused the arrow keys, Page Up, Page Down, Home and End all navigate inside the contents of that control rather than the web page itself. ...
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How to set up hotkey for toggling wireless?

After messing around with GNOME desktop in Ubuntu 14.10 (I went back to Unity), my WLAN key doesn't work anymore. All the other keys (volume up/down, turn off screen, mute, etc) work except for the ...
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Shortcut to resize a window with my custom dimensions?

Is it possible to set my own dimensions for a shortcut so when I activate it the window to resize to my preferred dimensions? I like the new shortcuts in 11.04 with the numpads, but I would like for ...
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