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I am VERY new to the world of Linux. I'm running Ubuntu 15.04 on a Lenovo laptop. My terminal emulator is Gnome Terminal. I know a few things. Let's say I type cd Documents/terminalpractice/...
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How to start a GUI application from the terminal and return immediately? [duplicate]

For example, if I type gimp in my terminal, Gimp will launch, but it will wait for gimp to be closed before returning control to the terminal. If I press CtrlC it will close Gimp. How do I prevent ...
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Terminal not working properly [duplicate]

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How do I run an application with arguments from the command line without losing the terminal? [duplicate]

I use dwm as a window manager on Ubuntu, I like tiled windows and I like them as few as possible. I sometimes need to run an application (let's say it's the pdf viewer mupdf in x11) from the terminal, ...
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Ubuntu gnome terminal freeze [duplicate]

I'm a bit new to linux. using Ubuntu-16.04LTS. The terminal froze when i trip to open browser using terminal command. Browser name website (chromium-browser Terminal resumed after ...
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Terminal engaged while using gedit or firefox [duplicate]

When I launch gedit or firefox from a terminal, the terminal is occupied(by occupied I mean no other commands can be run from the same terminal window) untill I press ctrl+c but it kills gedit or ...
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Exit from bash script while it's running [duplicate]

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Running programs in the background from terminal

How do I run a program in the background of a shell, with the ability to close the shell while leaving the program running? Lets say my UI is having problems or for some reason, I need to boot up a ...
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How to create a permanent "alias"? [duplicate]

If you create an alias for example: alias cls="clear" It exists untill you kill terminall session. When you start a new terminal window the alias doesn't exist any more. How to create "permanent" ...
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Is there an easier or more 'correct' way to open gedit as root?

I have ubuntu 12.04 running in a virtual machine on virtual box. Its existence is mainly as a 'toy' to play about with Ubuntu, so for this reason I wanted the GUI (is that what 'Dash' is in ubuntu 12....
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I am new to Linux and using Terminal. If I open an application within terminal, I noticed that it renders my terminal session to be unusable and I can't enter any more commands.The Terminal session is ...
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Open file browser from terminal

What is the command to open the current directory in file browser from terminal? Let's say I am in my home folder on the terminal and I want to open file browser. I tried nautilus --browser but there ...
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