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How do I remap certain keys or devices?

I'm searching for a way to remap certain keys in ubuntu. i.e. I'd like to change PgUp to Home or PgDown to End. Does a built-in command or a tool exist reassign keys in Ubuntu/GNOME?
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Permanent xmodmap in Ubuntu 13.04

I cannot make xmodmap run on login in Ubuntu 13.04. I have searched around, including in askubuntu and all answers I found do not work. I have a file named .Xmodmap in my home folder which contains ...
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How to swap/remap the CAPS LOCK key with Tab key?

I've been trying to swap CAPS LOCK key with Tab key. So the CAPS LOCK key shouldn't turn on the CAPS anymore, instead, act as the Tab key. Some people told me that I should create a .Xmodmap file in ...
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My super key is disabled. How to enable it?

Today somehow my Super key is disabled. I can't use it, neither the laptop keyboard nor external keyboard. When I press the Super key, it does not send the Super key signal to ubuntu (18.04 LTS). ...
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How do I define a file context options keyboard shortcut?

When selecting a file in Nautilus, I would like to see the context options of the file (mouse right click) using the keyboard and not the mouse. Example, when i iterate over the list of files in a ...
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Typing Special characters without using shift key

How can I type special characters, without using the shift key? I have my numpad on the right of the keyboard, which I use for numbers. I use the top row of my keyboard, only for symbols such as !,@,...
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How to disable numpad digits in Ubuntu 18?

I have a work laptop with numpad keys, and the navigation keys (home/end, page up/down, insert, delete) are also there. And their behavior depends on Numlock key state. I don't have a habit of using ...
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Swapping Caps Lock and Ctrl PROBLEM

I have tried a few different ways to remap ctrl and caps lock and none of them seem to be working. I am running Ubuntu on a Mac through VirtualBox. The two methods I have tried are using gnome-tweak-...
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Remap "special" Keys on HP keyboard

I bought a new HP notebook (elitebook) with an extremely awful keyboard functionality. For example, I don't have an insert key, but I have a phone-dial and phone-hangup key (right upper corner): The ...
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Request for a guide on setting up Apple Aluminium keyboard on Ubuntu 16.04

Is there a working solution to set up Apple Aluminium keyboard on Ubuntu with F13-F15 remapped to Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause? So far, I came up with the following solution: In /etc/default/...
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Redefine Caps Lock key. Which configuration file to use for saving change permanently?

I am following this1 tutorial about remapping keys in Ubuntu. The tutorial describes how one can remap the CapsLock key using setxkbmap. Currently I only want to test this by disabling the Caps Lock ...
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Period has become a comma after update

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad with a numpad on the right side. My setup for several years has been the English (US) keyboard set as my primary (or first) input source and Portuguese (Brazil) as my second. ...
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How to disable caps lock on boot

Is there a way to disable the Caps Lock at boot, so it won't bother me when logging in? Laptop: old Multicom Xishan W530E bought at OS: Ubuntu 14.04. My latop has a problem with ...
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Down Arrow Key is not working [duplicate]

My Down Arrow Key in the keyboard is not working. Is there any way to map its functionality into another key in Ubuntu. How can I solve this problem without replacing my Keyboard?
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Why doesn't my substitution of the super key for the Alt_L key not work in all the cases?

On Thinkpad T400, my left Alt key has stopped working. Since I have never used the super key in LXDE in Ubuntu 16.04, I did the following to modify the super key as if it were the left Alt key. First ...
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