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I have just upgraded my Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10. All things working fine but I can't change my desktop wallpaper. Whenever I try to change,it changes to solid color only. I'm using the GNOME desktop, ...
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Problems with Ubuntu 14.04 unity desktop after upgrade [duplicate]

I have been facing multiple problems after upgrading to ubuntu 14.04. All the problems are related to the desktop interface. After upgradation, I have been unable to change my wallpaper. Firstly ...
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Ubuntu 13.04 background is white when handled by file manager, and has no background when it is not [duplicate]

Long story short, I installed Ubuntu 13.04, and added the Gnome PPA but after installation I realized that the background was now white/grey. I tried ppa purging the gnome ppa but it failed. Upon ...
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White wallpaper after 13.04 upgrade [duplicate]

I recently upgraded to 13.04 but now my wallpaper is missing, I only have a white background although everything seems to be working (icons, etc.). I tried to change the "Have file manager handle the ...
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No wallpaper after installing Gnome Shell [13.04] [duplicate]

After installing Gnome Shell 3.8, my wallpaper disapear and I see only white space on desktop. After nautilus -q white turn into black, but I still can't see picture (Picture is set correctly, because ...
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No wallpaper Ubuntu 13.04 [duplicate]

After upgrading my system (ubuntu 13.04 64bit) and restart the computer, my desktop wallpaper ran out, only appears a white background, someone could help me with this?
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Wallpaper is not changing and right click does not work on desktop in Ubuntu 14.04

Sorry if this question is already answered, but I have already searched and could not find a solution to my problem. Recently I installed gnome-shell and ubuntu-gnome-desktop to try gnome. I then ...
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Nautilus stopped working after update to 3.6.1

This morning the Ubuntu Update Manager upgraded nautilus to 3.6.1 srirangan@pangolin76:~$ nautilus --version GNOME nautilus 3.6.1 after which it has stopped working srirangan@pangolin76:~$ nautilus ...
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Wallpaper suddenly went black on Ubuntu 13.10

This one is really strange. Two days ago the wallpaper on Ubuntu 13.10 simply went black. I have repeatedly tried to change it in the Appearance menu back to an image, or one of the default wallpapers,...
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Screen refresh problem on Unity over Ubuntu 15.10

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 15.04 to Ubuntu 15.10 with sudo do-release-upgrade Everything worked fine. But when I tried to change the desktop background unity crashed. I restarted the computer ...
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Why does the removal of this nautilus security threat cause the desktop background to go black?

I noticed some files ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/ files. Those files are not text, they are some binary proprietary format. However, using a binary viewer (GHex) I could view some plain ascii ...
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Ubuntu default problem

I am currently in a very difficult problem right now please please help me out. I wanted to add the "knotes" as the default startup app in my ubuntu 12.04 so I added it in startup application menu, ...
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No wallpaper after update

I updated the system from the software updater and it required restart , after the laptop restarting no wallpaper on the desktop even if i changed it like below any help ??