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Using an iPad or Nexus 7 as an Ubuntu Second Monitor [duplicate]

Is there any way to use an iPad mini or a Nexus 7 as a second monitor through a cable? I don't want something like vnc, I need it to work through the usb cable (or any other cable). The reason why I ...
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Can I use another computer as a second monitor? [duplicate]

Is there a way to extend my desktop's screen onto my laptop's display, as if the laptop was just another monitor in a dual-monitor configuration? Maybe with some combination of VNC and Synergy?
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Using Notebook as second Monitor for Ubuntu Tablet [duplicate]

I am planning my new mobile development working station consisting of a Notebook and a Tablet as second monitor. Notebook OS: Windows 8.1 Tablet OS: Ubuntu (14 LTS) I have asked here how I can ...
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Can I use my Android tablet as a 2nd monitor in Ubuntu 12.04? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you use an android tablet as a second display? I love Ubuntu 12.04, but would like to use my Samsung Thrive 10.1 in Android Tablet as a second monitor. Is this ...
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How to set the monitor to its native resolution which is not listed in the resolutions list?

After installing Ubuntu 10.04 with my Samsung SyncMaster B2030, native resolution (1600X900) is not found in the list of resolutions.
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Using iPad as an external monitor

Is there a way to use the Apple iPad as an external monitor for Ubuntu? I see that there are applications for that purpose for Macintosh computers.
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xrandr "cannot find mode" although mode is added and shows on xrandr

I'm trying to use my tablet as an extended monitor for my laptop, following Prometheus's answer here. I got to the point where I'm supposed to output the mode with VGA-0, but xrandr "cannot find mode....
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Can I connect my Ubuntu Desktop to Google Cardboard?

This might be a strange question, but I am wondering if I could use Google Cardboard to replace my monitor. For this I'd like to connect an Ubuntu-Desktop with an Android Smartphone through Bluetooth ...
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display xubuntu desktop on android tablet

I want to use my android tablet as a secondary display for my Xubuntu laptop, not to mirror the laptop but as an additional desktop -- I do not need to drag windows from one to the other, and it is ...
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Mirror Ubuntu screen on phone

I was wondering if there was a way to mirror my Ubuntu screen to my android OS phone. I know how to mirror phone to PC, but could not find anything about the other way around. I would also want it to ...
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Screen mirror Linux screen on an android device?

I would like to see what's going on my Linux desktop screen on my android phone. When I'm away from my laptop. I mean reverse of screen mirroring android device on a Linux desktop.
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14.10 Unity VNC to Android

I'm trying to get a vnc session running so that I can show chrome on my android device. I've got two monitors connected to my machine, on one I'm programming, on the other I'm showing the website ...
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Can't Delete Outputs from Xrandr

I was trying to use my android tablet as a second monitor as shown here: Using an Android Tablet as Second Monitor via VNC. Then, I made some mistakes while solving the problem. The mistakes which I ...
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