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where to submit feature ideas when brainstorm.ubuntu. is dead [duplicate]

I had an idea/feature suggest to make for Ubuntu. But, as I found out, the site is dead. See: Ubuntu Brainstorm site down/dead?. Question: Where can i make a feature suggest/idea now that brainstorm....
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Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome and HUD [duplicate]

Now that Ubuntu is moving back to Gnome as the default desktop, will you port the HUD? It's Unity's killer feature, and I will miss it... So please port the HUD!
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How to give feedback to the Ubuntu developers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the best medium for sending feature requests? Where should people give feedback on Ubuntu? I am pretty annoyed that I can't move the Unity launcher in Ubuntu 12.04. ...
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Can we get the Gnome3-Extention: Pixel-saver to be added into Ubuntu 17.10? How can we petition for this addon? [duplicate]

Our handicapped users really cannot live without this extension: Gnome 3 Addon: Just as DashToDock will be adopted into the new Ubuntu, can ...
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Can I suggest some new feature to next edition of Ubuntu? [duplicate]

I'm not developer, just regular user. I just like to see new feature on the next version of Ubuntu. I want to suggest new feature, can I do that?
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How can I give an idea to the ubuntu team? [duplicate]

Sorry for my simple question but it is important . I have many ideas for ubuntu . How can I give them all to ubuntu team . Is there Any webpage for that Or just an email ?
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Where to signal my wish: a desktop topbar taking away the menubar of the application windows? [duplicate]

Is there an alive Ubuntu wish list? The main reason why I use Unity desktop is the top bar which is able to take away the menu bars of the application window. It was published, that in the future ...
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Where to send feature request? [duplicate]

My problem is that resizing windows is a pain. (related question: One pixel 'grab' area when resizing windows , but resizing at the edges is still too clumsy, I do know about the drag-to-edge-...
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Any chance Ubuntu could introduce a option where you can rename a screen shot before the screen shot is saved? Not sure when I can submit this feature [duplicate]

Its such a drag in trawling through your screen shots to find what you want, a better way would be to take the screen shot and just before you save the screen shot there is a option where the ...
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Where can I suggest something to Ubuntu devs? [duplicate]

Ubuntu torrent downloads should include the PGP signature and the SHA256SUM. That would guarantee that the PGP signature and the S256SUM (current available at aren't tampered.
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Should Unity 8 have extensions for customizability [duplicate]

I belief that Unity needs somewhat of a customizability features. What better time to put it in while they are rewriting the code in C++ for version 8. I think it's more customizable than the applet ...
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what's the most effective way to suggest ubuntu something? [duplicate]

for very dummy people who would like to send suggestions, what would be the easiest and more effective way to ask? this is for 12.04 and newer versions. Maybe also older versions
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Why is Yiddish keyboard layout not shipped with Ubuntu? [duplicate]

Yiddish is a Germanic language written with a modified Hebrew alphabet. There is a keyboard layout specifically for it - which requires a skill to ...
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How to set Nemo as the default file manager in Ubuntu?

I just installed Ubuntu and I want to replace nautilus with Nemo. I first installed Nemo by using the following commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:embrosyn/cinnamon sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get ...
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Open Terminal with multiple tabs and execute application

I am new to linux shell scripting. I want to write a shell script which will open terminal with multiple tabs; it should run rtsp client app in each tab. For this, I have gone through question here ...
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