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Auto compile service on for Ubuntu packages? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are PPAs and how do I use them? create a .deb Package from scripts or binaries Is there any service provided by Ubuntu , to automatically compile source to binary deb ...
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How can I make a .deb file from a bash script? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: create a .deb Package from scripts or binaries I've made a bash script and stored it in /usr/local/bin. In the future, I'd like to get this bash script in /usr/local/bin again ...
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package development tools [duplicate]

I have some source code, I would like to make into Debian packages for Ubuntu. its been quite some times since I made packages, and I am wondering if there are any really great tools out there to help ...
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Build a Ubuntu debian package [duplicate]

I would like to create an Ubuntu package from a single bash script I wrote. Is there a simple instruction how to build an Ubuntu package, that can be uploaded to launchpad? (I already created the PPA ...
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How to package a shell script? [duplicate]

I have a shell script . I want to convert the script into a terminal application which can be installed using sudo apt-get install and can be run through the terminal by typing the name of the ...
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Packaging bash file .deb [duplicate]

How can a (with very simple instruction) make a .deb file continent some .desktop files and shell bash files
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Creat .deb file in linux for my project [duplicate]

I'm creating one python based GUI that have use lots of libraries in different folders. I want to make one deb file for my project. Please suggest to me how can I do this.
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What is the simplest Debian Packaging Guide?

I went to the Ubuntu wiki but got confused,there were too many ways. Please tell me an easy guide to Debian packaging.
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How do I create a PPA?

How do I create my own custom PPA to share with the Ubuntu community? I am trying to create my own custom package set and I would really like to share it with the community.
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How do I create a deb package for a single python script?

I have a single python script that I want to distribute as a deb package. It is a indicator which shows local date in Unity panel. I did follow create a .deb Package from scripts or binaries but I ...
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How to package a simple bash script [duplicate]

The below bash script was written in ~10 sec, but packaging it would take me hours of skimming through big walls of text so I ask my self if there is an easy way out there that I don't know about. #!/...
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how do you create a "signed" deb package

I want to create a number of deb packages, but I don't know how "signing" packages works. So I was wondering how to create a signed deb package.
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How do I create a deb package for a precompiled files?

I know how to package rpm for RHEL, but have little experience of deb packaging. I'd like to package other OS's library and headers for making cross-compiler, so there won't need any compilation ...
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How to create deb packages for fonts

How do I create a package of fonts? I am not going to be uploading them to the Archive as they are for my own use. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or a document on creating font packages? I have ...
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How to correctly deploy/install scripts?

I've developed several utility scripts that solve specific problems of my team's day-to-day work. Until now what I have done to deploy the script in my co-workers' laptops is as follows: Every ...
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