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Environment variable vs Shell variable, what's the difference?

Somebody told me that: BASH isn't an environment variable, it's a shell variable What's the difference?
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'tools.jar' is not in IDEA classpath

I am a new user of Linux, it has been recommended to me by my friend. He told me to install software called IntelliJ Idea IDE. Well I have been following the tutorial. But now when I try to open "...
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Sequence of scripts sourced upon login

I would like to concentrate all my login config in my ~/.bash_profile. There was a ~/.bashrc there by default but I replaced it with a ~/.bash_profile. However, when I log in, something before my ~/....
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changing /etc/environment did not affect my environment variables

I'm trying to install Euler expert system following these instructions. To add the environment variable I edited my /etc/environment to become as follows: PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/...
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List all environment variables, and show if they are exported or not

(This question is similar to this one and this one, but with the added requirement that I would like to know if variables are exported or not) I am in bash, Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS. I would like to: list ...
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Why aren't variables like $PS1 in printenv?

From what I can tell printenv displays environment variables, but why don't I see other variables like PS1 for customizing the shell prompt? What exactly is printenv outputting and why doesn't it ...
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What is the difference between env, declare and compgen -v?

I see that printenv and env are giving the same output. When digging further for getting the complete list of environment variables, I found declare -xp and the command from here: compgen -v | ...
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What are the standard Environment variables ($) in Ubuntu?

I know some useful environment-variables like $HOME, $UID, $BASH, $LOGNAME etc. which is useful to get information in terminal/command-line with using echo(ex: echo $LOGNAME) I want to know what are ...
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The nature of echo $COLUMNS

When we execute the command echo $COLUMNS, where is COLUMNS located? I thought it was just an environment variable, but it is not displayed in env.
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How can I find out the startup files read and environment variables created when Ubuntu was started with graphical interface

In Ubuntu 16.04 with LXDE or Gnome, how can I find out the environment variables created when Ubuntu was started with graphical interface? when Ubuntu was started with graphical interface, which ...
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When I open a terminal and type set I get a strange output

I opened a terminal on the desktop in Xubuntu and typed set and then a new line. I aws expecting to see a display of my environmental variables, but all I got was a display of a lot of code. What on ...