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How to auto mount NTFS part/disks in Ubuntu(13.04) with a gui tool [duplicate]

The header says it all. How to auto mount NTFS partitions/disks in Ubuntu 13.04 with a GUI tool?!
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Please help, mounting other partitions on startup [duplicate]

These are my all partitions. This is my /etc/fstab I would like to auto mount sda3 (NTFS), sda6 (ext4), sda7 (ext4) on startup, please help me edit the /etc/fstab file. I've searched for GUI way of ...
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Is there a user friendly way of mounting an external drive that was ejected? [duplicate]

I have a very noisy external 500 GB drive which I use mostly for synchronizing local files. In OS X I used to eject the drive, and mount it later when I need it with the Disk Utility. Is there a GUI ...
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Partition data unavailable until opened in files [duplicate]

I have one disk with all ubuntu partitions and a separate Data partition. If i try to open a file located on Data partition through a program the file is unavailable. If i open the partition in Files ...
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How to automount partition at startup or login? [duplicate]

With my previous installation I just had /usr/bin/udisks --mount /dev/sda2 && /usr/bin/udisks --mount /dev/sda3 among the startup applications, but on my new installation (also 12.04.4) it ...
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How do I start applications automatically on login?

How can I make an application automatically start when I have logged in?
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How to run sudo command with no password?

How does the ubuntu user on the AWS images for Ubuntu Server 12.04 have passwordless sudo for all commands when there is no configuration for it in /etc/sudoers? I'm using Ubuntu server 12.04 on ...
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Detect and mount devices

I upgraded Ubuntu today and everything works smooth except that Ubuntu doesn't detect any other storage devices. My / and /home partitions work fine, but my other partitions are just not detected. I ...
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Where should I put my script so that I can run it by a direct command? [duplicate]

Where can (should) I put my (bash) script so that it can be used (forever) by terminal or by a direct command: Alt+F2? I know there is /usr/bin and /sbin & /bindirectories but when should I use ...
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Change Apache document root folder to secondary hard drive

I installed the ubuntu 12.04 server edition for my server pc . i had installed lamp server. i need to change the var/www location to my secondary hard disk location. i was configured so many time to ...
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Switching to Ubuntu while keeping files from Windows

How can I switch my personal laptop over to Ubuntu? I don't want to dual-boot it, just remove the old OS (Windows 10) and install a new one. I also need to keep all my files.
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How do I automount partitions on statup, Xubuntu 14.04

Recently, I upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04 to Xubuntu 14.04. I have 2 partitions on my computer: One for Windows and one for Ubuntu. I keep all my music and junk on the Windows partition, so when I click ...
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Can't Mount External Drive After Reformatting

I just bought a Toshiba Canvio 2TB external hard drive. I then installed GParted, and reformatted the drive to ext4 (following the instructions in part 1 & 2, at this blog). The instructions ...
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cd desktop to folder on desktop

In terminal, I need to do cd desktop then cd data then ls data. Data is a folder that connects windows partition of the computer to ubuntu. cd Desktop was initially giving me an error (bash: cd: no ...
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How do I prevent automatic mounting of my android phone in 13.04? [closed]

gvfs is mounting my phone automatically when I plug it in, I don't want this for various reasons. How do I disable automatic mounting for this specific device, but continue allowing other USB devices ...
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