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Brightness not working after installing NVIDIA driver

I recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my Mac Book Pro 7,1. I installed the NVIDIA driver (285). The brightness keys are working (F1 and F2) and I get the box showing the brightness but it does nothing. ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 brightness adjust not working

I am unable to adjust brightness levels through Gnome. I had the same issue with 18.04 but it was resolved there (honestly, I can't remember how). lspci|grep VGA 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: ...
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MacBook Pro, EFI and Nvidia setpci IDs

I just installed Linux on my 2010 MacBookPro (triple boot using refind) and get the infamous black screen after installing the nvidia drivers. I tried applying the solution metioned here:https://...
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MacBook Pro 7,1 + Ubuntu 16.04 LTS + nVidia drivers

After following the guide I found here I found that although my hardware is the same as its author I could not reproduce the same results. After creating the GRUB script to register the PCI registers ...
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setpci doesn't change the register value for the bridge device (NVIDIA driver black screen issue)

I've recently set up my Macbook Air (late 2010) to dual-boot OS 10.10 with Ubuntu 16.04, and of course along the way I've run into the black screen problem when using the proprietary NVIDIA drivers. I'...
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MacBook Pro w/ Ubuntu Blank Screen Boot-Up

I have two MacBooks. One installed Ubuntu 18.04 flawlessly. The other would hang on the Splash Screen for the intial install. So in the grub menu, I pressed 'e' and typed in nomodeset where applicable....
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Ubuntu desktop disk image (16.04.4 -desktop- amd64.iso) could not be opened

After installing Ubuntu, the desktop disk image (16.04.4 -desktop- amd64.iso) could not be opened. I get the reason image not recognized on Apple Mac Air. How do I resolve this, please?
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Nouveau Error while installing Ubuntu on Macbook Pro

I installed Ubuntu 18.04.1 on a late 2010 Macbook pro. I deleted macOS to have Ubuntu as the primary OS. I was having trouble installing as it could not install the GRUB bootloader. I ended up ...
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NVIDIA driver problems on Macbook Pro mid 2010

I´ve just installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on my Macbook Pro, and from the outset I had trouble with system stability. Eventually I narrowed the problem down to the nvidia drivers (card is an MCP89 Geforce ...
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Will my laptop overheat and melt components?

I recently installed xubuntu 16.04 on an older Macbook Air, and I'm noticing that after 30 min or so the laptop gets really hot and the fan gets really loud. When I boot into the macOS partition this ...
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Installation of Ubuntu 15.04 on MacBookPro7,1 with proper NVIDIA drivers

I'm trying to install Ubuntu 15.04 on a MacBookPro7,1, and have a few questions. I successfully installed Ubuntu previously, but it failed to boot eventually; there was a purple screen with a black ...
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Installing nVidia driver on 13.04 64bit Macbook pro 7,1

I've just installed 13.04 64bit on my Macbook pro 7,1 (using the whole disk instead of dual boot). But after installing the nVidia driver my notebook just failed to boot. Is there any workaround for ...
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2011 MacBook Air with Nvidia - black screen on boot (and MokList RT error)

Late 2010/early 2011 Macbook Air 3-2, Narwhal or Meerkat presumably (model A1369) / Ubuntu 20.04 / No OS X. I wiped the disk when installing Ubuntu Installation from live USB stick. On first attempt, ...
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setpci is not setting registers at boot -- MacBook Pro (7,1) Nvidia Black Screen Issue

I'm struggling to figure this out and I'm hoping someone can provide me with some advice or at least point me in the right direction. I've got a 2010 Macbook Pro (7,1) that I'm trying to get stable ...
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Ubuntu 14.04 black screen afters installing prorpietary nvidia drivers

I have just reinstalled the Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop due to upgrading to an SSD and now I am experiencing an issue with nvidia drivers. When I install a proprietary driver after a reboot the systel ...
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