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Automating file transfer using Bash scripts in SSH on my new server from old server [duplicate]

How can I connect to a remote host using SSH and create one Bash script to copy all files and folder from my old server to my new server for backup every day?
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Best backup software for ubuntu [duplicate]

I need a backup software for Ubuntu 14.04 that has a GUI that can backup my entire system to an external hard drive or network drive. Any recommendations?
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The best backup tool? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Comparison of backup tools I use Ubuntu 11.10 and I was wondering which backup tool is the best at the moment. I do not need some lightweight, but a very robust and powerful ...
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Back up the home directory [duplicate]

I use Ubuntu 17.10 with i3 as window manager. I would like to backup my home directory to an external HDD. How could I do such a thing? With the terminal?
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WD Smartware or Equivalent [duplicate]

Recently I changed my operating system to Ubuntu 16.04. Before I had Windows 10 and used Western Digital SmartWare to make backups on an external drive from my WD hard drive. Now Ubuntu recognizes the ...
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Backup tools for backup Linux and Windows systems with encryption [duplicate]

Deja Dup doesn't support full system encryption, only home directory. rsync - I should make the backup, then archive the folder and then encrypt it. It's too long. tar archive of the system - I should ...
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Copying hard drive and changing UUID for backup [duplicate]

I have an Ubuntu 18.04 installed on a 2 TB Seagate drive. I have another 2 TB Western Digital drive formatted ext4. I would like to copy the Ubuntu OS on the seagate drive (sda) to the Western ...
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Linux backup recommendation? [duplicate]

I've read this excellent post: Comparison of backup tools ...But I'm having trouble finding one that meets my criteria. Hopefully someone with some hands-on experience can save me the weeks of trying ...
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Best Backup System for Ubuntu [duplicate]

Is Clonezilla the best backup system for Ubuntu 12.04.5? And if so, what do I need to do to download Do I need to partition files? If so, how to do this. Thanks.
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What is the best solution to backing up your computer to an external HD? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Comparison of backup tools I have an external hard drive that I would like to make backups to, what I would like is have a program that is easy to set up to accomplish this ...
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Lucky Bacup Question [duplicate]

If I have the courage to read the umpteen pages on their site I may find the answer but it's far easier to ask a Lucky Backup user!! Does Lucky Backup do incremental backups or full backups after the ...
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How to replace Ubuntu with Windows 10 without cloud backup or losing any data [duplicate]

I have a laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 in it. I want to use Unity 3D, so I would need to install windows. I think of replacing ubuntu with Windows but don't want to lose any data. I don't want to use a ...
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I want to back up my Ubuntu so that I can restore it like a new install OS [duplicate]

Can I do this with pre-installed back-up application in Ubuntu?
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Blackout backup [duplicate]

I have Ubuntu 20.10. For some days, I have to work my PC without any backup-battery-stuff for blackout. Please advise me about backup tools, if any. For, regretfully, blackouts are commonplace in our ...
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Can someone recommend me a backup solution that can be used for an educational institution? [duplicate]

The online university where I study is constantly experiencing data loss, including students’ files and literature, so I want to recommend them an effective solution.
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