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How to make sure my computer clock is right and fix it if it is not? [duplicate]

I have recently noticed that the time on my computer isn't the same as on the others in my household, and I'm not sure if it's just them, or whether my machine has actually got the wrong time... So I ...
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Clock time is off on dual boot

Dual boot system Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu 12.04. I have the bios set for the correct time and Ubuntu set for US Eastern time. Ubuntu will boot up and the time will be off by -4 hours. If I correct ...
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What is the command to update time and date from internet

What is the command to update time and date from Internet? Is there any application that allows me to do so from its user interface rather than from the shell?
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ntpdate: no server suitable for synchronization found

My clock is off, so I would like to synchronize it using ntpdate. I tried several different NTP servers, but for some reason I always get the following error message: $ sudo ntpdate 4 ...
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How does Ubuntu synchronize time without ntp?

By clicking "System settings -> Time & Date -> Automatically from the Internet" I can synchronize time from the Internet. However, I find that I don't have a ntpd daemon (It's not even installed)...
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Is there a way to make ntpd -gq run faster

This question is related to this question and this earlier question I asked on serverfault. Per my previous question, I'm interested in synchronizing the time on my machine in a fast (ideally less ...
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How to update system time behind a proxy?

So I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and I'm finding that no matter what I do I cannot get the system time to properly sync with timeservers to get me up to date time. It's starting to prevent me from visiting ...
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How do I force Ubuntu to resynchronize the system time?

How can I force Ubuntu's system clock to pull and update time from a time server? According to Ubuntu Wiki no longer supports ntpdate command (at least in Ubuntu Desktop LTS 16.04), and I've already ...
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When even ntpd doesn't sync time

I have already tried the top 2 of most-voted answers to How to force a clock update using ntp? but none has worked. Using ntpdate doesn't show any logs, and exits just fine, while ntpd gives the ...
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Setting up ntp server

I have a few Jetson-TK1 boards that do not have a real-time clock and consequently loses their time whenever it is powered off. I would like to set each one so when they power on, their clock gets set....
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