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Ubuntu 17.10 / Gnome 3: Hide users from login screen [duplicate]

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Hidden accounts [duplicate]

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exlude users from display manager [duplicate]

I just did a fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04. To not break anything, I created the default user during install, but I neither need nor want it. I added my usual users (UIDs > 10000), which work ...
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How to hide recent files and most used apps?

How can I hide recent files that my Ubuntu Netbook's unity menu shows when I click on the files and folder icon? Okay ! I watch porn sometimes and right after that it appears in the files and folder ...
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Is there a way to create a hidden account?

For privacy reasons I want to create an account that is invisible to other users (even another administrator) and can be only reached by directly typing the user name in. Is that possible?
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users disappear from options menu when given uids under 1000

I wanted to stop particular user names appearing in the list of names at the log in screen. I remembered reading that this could be achieved by changing the user id of the account to something less ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 (Gnome) create user without graphical interface

I'm trying to create user who is hidden. I would don`t see this user on GUI welcome screen. I need that user only to administrate some applications.
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Hide a particular account from user accounts

How to hide a particular administrator account from user accounts in system settings? I need it for security reasons. Is it possible?
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Why do MS-SQL and RStudio have users on my log-in screen?

I attempted to log in today and discovered that I had more users than I thought. It seems that both MS-SQL and RStudio users exist on my PC and are visible on my log-in screen. I've ran SQL on my ...
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