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How do I install a plugin for gEdit v3?

I just installed the ubuntu 11.10, and I want to install a plugin for gEdit. I unpacked the plugin to the following folder: ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins but in the gedit doesn't show up the plugin.
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How to delete a line using a shortcut in Gedit?

Is there any shortcut for it? If not is it possible to set a key for this operation? I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
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Where to configure shortcut keys of Nautilus?

I would like to configure and change some shortcut keys of Nautilus (file manager of Ubuntu). Does anyone know where I could do that? Edit1: Precisely, initial binding for "go to parent folder" in ...
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Ubuntu: "Editable Menu Accelerators" (on a per app basis). Where is this option?

I keep seeing references to a config option calld Editable Menu Accelerators or Editable Menu Shortcut Keys. This is exactly what I need, but all the directions I've read about how to find that ...
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Disable XFCE's ctrl+W to close window?

Alt+F4 works for all windows as usual, but I find Ctrl+W only works for some programs, for example, the file manager, any xfce settings program, mousepad, and the screenshot tools, however it doesn't ...
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Gnome keyboard accelerators / keys in Ubuntu Trusty 14.04

Since upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04 I've lost the ability to set custom keyboard shortcuts in Gnome applications such as gedit and meld. The setting can-change-accels has no effect when enabled using ...
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How to change keyboard shortcut in gedit on Ubuntu 20.04 (including how to find the command names/key codes etc.)

How do I change the gedit keyboard shortcuts on Ubuntu 20.04. I have read the question and answers on Custom keyboard shortcuts in gedit but it seems all of it is outdated and no longer offers a ...
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How do I use the keyboard to "Open a recently used file" in Gedit?

I want to open a recently used file in Gedit using the keyboard. How do I do that? The best workaround I've found is to press Ctrl+Shift+Tab a few times to scroll through the buttons, but that's a ...
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A: What is the hotkey (shortcut) for change current gedit tab?

How to change current gedit tab without using the mouse?
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Ctrl+tab stoped working in gedit after installing xfce

I am running Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 in virtualbox. I recently installed xfce and I have noticed that ctrl+tab stopped working in gedit both in xfce and GNOME. It works fine in Firefox for example. Is ...
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