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How to use same drive to access files from Windows and Ubuntu [duplicate]

Can I use the same internal hard drive to save my files from Ubuntu and Windows? I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10, and the data drive I wish to share is D: in Windows.
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How do I use 'chmod' on an NTFS (or FAT32) partition?

I have a script that I need to execute on an NTFS partition. The script's permission is set to 600. I attempted to modify the permissions by running chmod 755, which doesn't report a ...
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Which file system do I select for sharing files between Windows and Ubuntu?

Presently in the install (USB stick) for 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04.1. Want to have dual-boot capabilities between Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Have partitioned hard drive with Windows System (sda1), Windows OS (...
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Installing programs in root vs home partitions?

I'm a new Linux user and a Windows convert. I tried Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) a few years ago and liked it quite a bit, and I'm in the process of installing Xubuntu 13.10 along side Windows7 on my brand ...
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Spread /home partition over two drives?

I have two 160GB drives on my laptop - sda and sdb. Is there any way to create a /home partition with more than 160GB? I tried to create a /home partition on both drives, but then it told me that I ...
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How to have 2 (or more) distros share common /home and /usr partitions?

I tried search for an answer to this question but whether it was bad luck or ineptitude on my part I was unable to do so. Here's the situation I'd like to get a better understanding of before ...
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Trying to install 3 different versions of Ubuntu for triple-boot (no Windows)

Summary of what I need: I want install 3 different versions of Ubuntu on a computer. I would like to be given a choice of which OS to boot every time I turn on my computer. I would like to share ...
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ubuntu disk partition in dual boot for use data science and android studio

My Lenovo legion laptop configuration is 1 tb ssd and 16 gb ram with nvidia grahics with preinstalled windows.I am dual booting with windows and Linux. I will do all my projects in ubuntu and windows ...
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Home folders owned by root

I recently decided to use ubuntu and for this reason, I followed the steps written in the answer to this question: Windows Ubuntu dual boot - Share files between OS Now, I'm new to ubuntu and linux ...
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Want to Run SSD + HDD Drives, Can't Access HDD

I recently built a PC for the first time and chose to install Ubuntu 16.04.1 as my sole operating system. I installed Ubuntu on my Samsung SSD drive. I also have a 1T HDD that I would like to use ...
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How do I partition my system so that my SSD houses ONLY the Ubuntu OS and will allow ONLY the Ubuntu OS to reside there?

I just built a new computer. I have a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. For speed and lack of clutter, I want my OS to be the only thing inhabiting my 128GB SSD. I want to allow only Ubuntu itself to be able ...
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Install Ubuntu on SSD and Keep Personal files on NTFS drive

I currently have Windows 7 installed on an SSD and just got another SSD which I want to install Ubuntu on. My current setup with Windows 7 is that I have all of my games and apps installed on the SSD, ...
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Repartitioning Drives Properly After Install - Dual Boot

I had Windows originally, but tried Linux. I liked it enough, so I attempted to shrink the ntfs drive (not the system/boot) that Windows was using. I accidentally messed up the Windows OS. I ...
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Sound not working after moving /home to different partition. Works in log in screen

System: Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.2LTS 64bits Yesterday I migrated /home to a different partition using this guide. After rebooting everything was working great EXCEPT sound! I DO have sound in the log in ...
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Moved /home to another partition with pre-existing files, how to keep existing directory structure on partition

Ok so this is the scenario. I have a separate partition from my Ubuntu partition. I use this 500GB partition to store important data to keep it all in one place. On the 500GB partition I have a MISC ...
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