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Freeze after login Ubuntu 18.04 [duplicate]

Before the upgrade I was using gnome on Ubuntu 16.04 with lightdm and it worked fine. After upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 I switched to gnome gdm3. On the first day I could login to my user account, ...
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Login screen loops unless you login as Guest [duplicate]

I am running a VMWare Player with a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin as Guest on my Windows 7. Sometimes I get the shutdown blue screen error in Windows, this time it happened when I was running the ...
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Can't login to Ubuntu 14.04 [duplicate]

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 (dual boot with Win 7) and it was working fine. But suddenly one fine day I can't login to my user account, when I log it just flashes and then it goes back to the login ...
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Ubuntu stuck on login screen [duplicate]

I have a small issue with my Ubuntu (I think After an upgarde). When I try to login (Login Screen), I get disconnected and get back to the screen (again & again). I tried: Trying to login with ...
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Login Screen returns to login screen [duplicate]

After many many reboots in a couple days while experimenting with BIOS settings effecting the speed Hardbrake runs at, today I find after a reboot that I have to type in password to log in - ...
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Can't login to GUI with my Valid password [duplicate]

I have ubuntu server 12.10 and installed ubuntu-desktop to access it via GUI and changed the default runlevel to 5. Now I get the GUI login screen with my username (display name) but when i enter my ...
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Ubuntu not accepting correct password [duplicate]

I am entering the correct password in Ubuntu, but the screen just blinks and again shows me the same login screen. Guest session works properly. What should I do?
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Login goes back to login screen [duplicate]

Ubuntu dont let me login in a graphic session. I type the password (it detects if it's wrong) and even typing it wright the system take me again to login screen. I've found this other question and ...
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Ubuntu 13.04 Login Loop [duplicate]

I have a problem with Ubuntu 13.04. I cannot log in to my account. I put the right password but there is an endless loop. (if i put wrong pass, it says "Invalid password..."). Also, it doesnt show ...
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Cannot log in with correct password after installing VirtualBox and Genymotion and editing /etc/profile [duplicate]

This is a rather bizarre problem that I am experiencing. My Ubuntu 14.10 does not let me log in despite proper password. Here is what happens: I try to log into my machine by entering the password. ...
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Login loop 14.04 but guest account is accessible [duplicate]

After upgrading to 14.04 from 13.10 which worked fine, I cannot get past login as it just loops back. Guest account works fine. I can login to the console by hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 using username and ...
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correct password; but it will not open my account [duplicate]

I started up my ubuntu and it lead to a login prompt. I input the correct password for the account. It went to a black screen for a flash, but it made the default "bongo" error sound and aborted back ...
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Can't login, although password is correct [duplicate]

Here what's happening when I try to log in. I'm entering the right password It brings me back me to the login screen. I tried to change password via another user but it didn't help.
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Can't access my user account Ubuntu 12.04 [duplicate]

I have no idea why but it just sends me back to the login screen whenever I try to login my main account. So I made a second account from guest account and used nautilus as sudo(root) and checked my ...
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Unable to login to 14.04 after successful installation [duplicate]

After a successful upgrade to 14.04, now when I am trying to login using administrator id, It loops back to login page and doesn't load my session. Even guest is not working. When I enter wrong ...

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