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Wine: How can I make Wine applications look like Windows 8? [duplicate]

I just installed Wine and I realized the applications look terrible. I wanted the look and feel of Windows 8 on my Wine applications, how can I go about doing this? Thanks!
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Foobar2000-like music player?

I've been thinking about switching to Ubuntu full time, but there are still some programs left behind that I haven't found any equivalent to yet. Does anyone know of a music player similar to ...
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Can Wine support Office 2007?

I tried installing Office 2007 in Ubuntu with Wine but it was throwing an error after installing and also when I tried to open a PowerPoint document and save it. Has anybody gotten Office 2007 ...
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What can be done to make Wine look more integrated into Unity?

Wine looks like an alien that says "Hello, I am definitely not part of your desktop environment". Many wine applications have no icons and wine itself runs on the ugly-looking windows 95 theme. Is ...
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Does Microsoft Office run in Crossover/Wine/Playonlinux?

I'm a student so I kinda need full compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents for school. I was wondering if Office will run without major problems in Crossover, Wine, or playonlinux?
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How to improve GUI and font appearance of programs installed under CrossOver?

This can be done in Wine but can it be done in CrossOver?
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Fonts look bad in Microsoft Office using Wine

Office fonts in wine look very different from what they look in Windows or LibreOffice. As can be seen from the attached screenshots, they look blurry in some sizes and aliased in other sizes. You ...
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Wine font rendering difference

I run Evernote under wine on two Linux computers. They show different font appearances: Left: LMDE 64-bit (already dist-upgrade to Debian testing but keep LMDE adjustments) + MATE; Right: Ubuntu 14....
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how to make Wine GUI elements look like modern Windows elements

I started using Wine to run Windows apps on Ubuntu, but I see that the style of User Interface elements like buttons etc. is too old, like the buttons of windows 98, is there a way to make it like ...
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Apps running with wine looking ugly

I've installed notepad++ with wine. If I run this application it looks like Win95. So now twenty years have past and I would appreciate a look that is a tiny bit more state of the art. I found this ...
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how to make wine looks like my desktop colour scheme using WINETRICKS in Ubuntu 14.04?

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit. I notice a post What can be done to make Wine look more integrated into Unity?, in the post it was mentioned that I can make wine looks like my Desktop's colour ...
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Fixing colors in Windows-based programs running Wine

I am running NTP v.7.2/Fv under Ubuntu 18.04, using Wine 4.*. I am trying a set-up like It works, except I need to change the highlight color on the menus. Right ...
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