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Disabling touch screen only temporarily [duplicate]

My touchscreen is cracked, so the pointer continuously clicks on the cracked area. That prevents me from using the computer normally. I have tried the xinput disable 'ELAN Touchscreen' command, and ...
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Enable/disable touchpad

I managed to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my asus ux501 vw, but some of my shortcut are not working. I'm not looking to fix them all, but just one : the shortcut which allow me to enable or disable ...
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Permanently fix Chrome scroll speed

So, I am changing the scroll speed in Ubuntu using this answer: Change mouse wheel scroll speed in Chrome on 12.04 (edit starter bar commandline) Exec=/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --scroll-...
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How to disable touchscreen permanently?

I am trying to disable the touchscreen on my Asus S200E laptop. In Ubuntu 16.04, I was able to do so with this: Section "InputClass" Identifier "evdev touchscreen catchall" ...
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How do I list all devices and learn how to enable/disable them in Ubuntu 19.10?

I'm looking for a way to see all the devices (e.g. touchpad etc.) and to enable/disable them.
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Does disabling touchscreen have any impact on battery life?

I hesitate about keeping my touchscreen disabled on my Ubuntu installation. I disabled it by adding Option "Ignore" "on" to the /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf file : Section "InputClass" ...
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T901 Fujitsu Touch Screen Disable Hand Touch

I have a T901 Fujitsu with a touch screen and I want to disable the hand input, but leave the input from the pen so I can easily write on my screen without my hand interfering. Does anyone know of a ...
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Ubuntu mouse cursor flickering & severe lag in Unity games

I know that this is potentially something for the RimWorld forums, but upon launching the game, my system lags a lot (Ran fine in Windows 10, so not just my computer being a potato) and my cursor ...
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Use nano to change an "on" to "off" line in read only file

I am trying to change a value in this read only file (usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf) in order to switch a touch screen off. I have have found this question explaining how to disable these ...
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How to disable 'Tap to click' on the login screen

Due to lots of chocolate cake getting into my computer my touchpad doesn't work very well (along with the rest of the computer) any more, so I have disabled 'Tap to click', however this seems to have ...
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How do I disable the touchscreen on my Dell Precision 5560?

Summarize the problem I don't like my touchscreen, and attempts at disabling it via xinput have proved fruitless. Provide details and any research I also tried this method, but even after adding ...
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How can I disable my touchscreen? Need help with terminal

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Unwrite file change that causes crash

I tried to disable my touchscreen for Ubuntu 15.10 using the first answer in this link: How do I disable the touchscreen drivers? However, on reboot the OS crashes. I'm pretty sure I just need to ...
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