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installation on SSD [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Installing Ubuntu on a SSD I want to install new 12.04 on OCZ Vertex3 disk. Do I need make proper partition alignment or something like that? Some people say that modern SSDs ...
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Ubuntu 13.10 installer on SSD boots to black screen with blinking underscore [duplicate]

What I have done: Downloaded Ubuntu-130.10-desktop-amd64.iso Partitioned my SSD into a single partition with Ext4 file system Checked hashes - Hash for the .iso is ok Ran following command sudo cat ...
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Installing Ubuntu on a laptop with an SSD [duplicate]

I want to install Ubuntu on a laptop with an SSD. Will it be a problem in general to install Ubuntu on a laptop with an SSD instead of a laptop with an HDD? Which Linux kernel version is best for a ...
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Can I install Ubuntu on this SSD? [duplicate]

I reseted my Windows 8 notebook (Lenovo U410) and reinstalled. Now W8 is installed on my C drive and nothing is on my 24 GB SSD. That mean that SSD is free and I can use it for Ubuntu install? I don't ...
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How do I optimize the OS for SSDs?

What steps should be taken before/during/after installation of Ubuntu on a Solid State Drive to optimize performance and ensure maximum durability of the drive?
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How to enable TRIM?

I know that the Linux kernel supports TRIM as of version 2.6.33, so there should be TRIM support in ubuntu. Is TRIM enabled by default or do I need to change some settings or install additional ...
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Is a 40GB SSD practical to use for ' / '

I was lucky enough to be given a 40 GB SSD as a Christmas gift; and, given the inherent speed of these drives, decided it would be best used as the / partition; but then it occurred to me that this ...
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What SSD optimization are needed on latest Ubuntu version?

I have read of a lot of questions about SSD optimization (How do I optimize the OS for SSDs?, Installing Ubuntu on a SSD, I'm confused about SSD optimization, etc...). Most of those questions seem ...
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How to combine an SSD boot drive with a HDD data drive? [closed]

I have an SSD with 64 GB and a 6 GB/s 1 Terabyte hard drive. I want to use the SSD only as a boot device and maybe for swap storage. On the 1 Terabyte hard drive, I want to have the main file system. ...
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Do I need swap with new SSD?

Am about to upgrade to new SSD and thinking through partition migration process. Will I need SWAP with an SSD? I have 8GB RAM and an i5 processor.
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How do I update the firmware on an Intel X25M?

As I mentioned earlier, I have installed ubuntu on X25M 80 GB SSD and ubuntu is the only OS on my laptop. How do i check and update the SSD firmware? on intel's site, everything is for windows :( ...
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dual boot: Ubuntu 12.04 with Windows 7 on a 240GB SSD

I would like to replace the HD in my laptop (ASUS i3, 4GB, 13.3") for a SSD. The information I've found is not precise. I would appreciate your advice/links on: Preparation of SSD. Partitions on a ...
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Disk setup with a small SSD and a large HDD

I have a notebook on which I on want to install Ubuntu 13.10 in dual boot with Window 8.1. It has an 500GB HDD, and a 24GB SSD used as cache in Windows. In Windows I disabled ExpressCache and ...
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Best practice to upgrade HDD to SSD

I have recently purchased a 120GB SSD to install in my desktop. I currently have two 2TB HDDs connected via SATA and an older 500GB HDD connected via PATA. My plan is to wait until 12.04 is released ...
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What to do for a clean install of Ubuntu (16.04) on an SSD?

I bought a new SSD to put in a laptop. If I put it in, boot and then install Ubuntu as normal will it all work fine or are there certain changes to make for SSD? I've seen talk of optimisation and ...
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